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Missing In Action

The status of Missing In Action is especially tragic to families of those so listed because there is no confirmation of loss and never any "closure." Over time, all "MIA's" are reclassified as "Declared dead----body not recovered." The United States maintains an on-going program searching crash sites and other locations for items that could be used to positively identify MIA's and bring their remains home for burial. US government policy is that "no combatant is left behind." Below are those Citadel Alumni believed to have been listed as Missing In Action/Unaccounted For in the conflict that they served and remain so today. It should be noted that Captain William Mauldin, Class of 1944 and shot down over Korea in 1951, was ID'd and returned home to Pickins, SC for burial in 2008.

ClassNameConflictRankBranchBattleDeath Date
1854 D.G. Fleming WBTS COL 22nd SC MIA, The Battle of the Crater,
Petersburg, VA
1859 William Mitchell WBTS COL 17th SC MIA, Petersburg, VA 6/18/1864
1864 J.D. Quattlebaum WBTS MAJ 7th SC MIA, The Battle of the Crater,
Petersburg, VA
1866 George Grant WBTS - 18th SC MIA, Bentonville, NC 3/21/1865
1912 William Nicholls WWI 2/Lt Britain MIA, Loos, Fr. 09/26/15
1931 William Francis Boyd WWII PVT USMC MIA Iwo Jima 02/27/45
1931 George Bryan French WWII TSGT USAAC MIA over North Africa 04/23/43
1931 Allard Barnwell Heyward WWII LDCR USN MIA D-Day, Normandy, France 06/06/44
1936 Claude Jackson Gasque, Jr. WWII ENS USNR Lost aboard USS Quincy (CA-39)
at Guadalcanal
1938 Robert Cleveland Evins WWII LCDR USN MIA over South Pacific 06/17/44
1938 Jack Alger Mahony, Jr. WWII LT USN MIA Pacific 07/01/43
1939 Peter Nicholas Meros WWII LT USNR MIA Pacific 06/07/45
1939 Harry Ferrell Stallings, Jr. WWII 2LT USAAC MIA over Guam 04/16/45
1940 Joseph Plowden Cole WWII 2LT USAAC MIA over Australia 07/15/42
1940 Charles Herbert Cooper WWII 2LT USAAC MIA over Alaska 08/28/42
1940 William Haselden Ellerbe WWII MAJ USA MIA over Pacific 05/26/45
1940 Francis Vernon Lael WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Italy 04/05/44
1940 Landon Dwight Long WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Lashio, Burma 06/03/42
1940 Rufus Alexander Oliphant, Jr. WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Europe 02/15/43
1940 Julius Elliot O'Neal Korea LTC USAF MIA over Inchon, South Korea 10/23/51
1940 James Goodlett Thornton, Jr. WWII CPT USA MIA Europe 09/14/44
1941 Richard Furman Dabbs WWII 2LT USMC MIA over Caribbean 09/15/42
1941 Herman John Gerdes, Jr. WWII ENS USN Lost aboard sub USS Robaco (SS-273) 07/02/44
1941 William Kirkland Stewart WWII MAJ USMC MIA Pacific 02/25/45
1941 Henry Purefoy Whitehurst, Jr. WWII ENS USN Lost aboard USS Astoria;
DE-634 named for him
1942 William Gadsden Daniels WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Germany 10/06/44
1942 Gilmer Herriott Holton, Jr. WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Battle of Midway 06/07/42
1942 Robert Edward Poland WWII CPT USAAC MIA over Liberia, North Africa 04/04/43
1942 Hugh Corbin Rogers WWII CPT USAAC MIA over China 12/21/44
1942 Fred Burnham Shifflet, Jr. WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Battle of the Bismark Sea 03/03/43
1943 Frederick William Beidelman, Jr. WWII LTJG USNR MIA Soloman Islands 10/26/44
1943 John Hobson Franks WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Japan 12/31/44
1943 Robert Edward Murphy WWII 2LT USAAC MIA Rabaul, New Britain 11/02/43
1944 Enon Walter Harvey, Jr. WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Bonin Islands 07/13/45
1944 Samuel Rigby Sprott, Jr. WWII 2LT USAAC MIA over Germany 03/20/44
1945 James Culpeper Hill, Jr. WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Kawasakia, Japan 02/20/45
1945 Lucius Joseph Jumper WWII SSGT USAAC MIA over Pacific 01/02/45
1945 Joy McDowell Marriott, Jr. WWII S1C USN Lost aboard Sub USS Lagarto SS-371)
off Malay
1945 John Mason Whiting Stulz WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over China/Burma/India Theater 08/01/45
1946 Richard Burns WWII MIA over Southern France 09/01/44
1946 Ross L. Carmichael WWII PVT USA MIA Italy 02/23/44
1946 Jule Hancock, Jr. WWII SGT USAAC MIA over Yugoslavia 10/14/44
1946 Henry Solomon WWII Sgt USAAC MIA over Tokyo 03/10/45
1946 David Albert Robins WWII 1LT USAAC MIA over Salsburg, Austria 07/21/44
1951 James Franklin Davis Korea 1LT USAF MIA over South Korea 05/10/53
1960 John Werner Carlson RVN CPT USAF MIA/Shot down over Tay Ninh, RVN 12/07/66
1961 James Terry Jackson RVN MAJ USAF MIA/Shot down over Laos 03/23/72
1963 Richard Mershon Milikin, III RVN 1LT USAF MIA/Shot down over North Vietnam 08/20/66
1967 Glenn Richard Cook RVN 1LT USAF MIA/Shot down over Ninh Thuan, RVN 10/21/69
1969 Carter Avery Howell RVN CPT USAF MIA/Shot down over Saravane, Laos 03/07/72
1969 Robert Francis Scherdin RVN SSG USA MIA/Ground, Cambodia 12/29/68