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Post-Matriculation Day Thoughts and Briefs

We hope you will take some time to reflect on Matriculation Day.  You can access the briefs provided by the President, Commandant and Deans below.

We know it was an emotional day so you may not have been as focused as usual.  So here are some takeaways from Friday and Saturday's briefings:

From the President:  Click here to review his and the Commandant's Saturday Morning Briefing

1) Welcome to The Citadel Family.  We consider you an important part of the success your Cadet will enjoy over the next four years.

2) We hope it doesn't come, but be prepared for the phone call that says The Citadel is not for them.  As the General said, "no one knows you child like you."  If that phone call does come, we recommend calling the TAC Officer since he has "eyes on" your child. They have a great deal of experience and can give you some things to consider.

3) The Four Pillars - use these as conversation starters with your Cadet.  Remember they have to be proficient in each one to participate fully in the various ceremonies and privileges for their class.  For example, if they fail the PT Test as a Senior they will not receive their ring with their classmates.  Proficiency across the pillars is what we aim for.

4) Be careful what you read on the Social Networks.  Ask if you see something that doesn't seem right.  

5) Encourage your Cadet to use the support programs we have on campus such as the Academic Support Center.

From the Commandant

1) Your Cadet will be very busy over the next ten days.

2) Life changes after their start classes on the 22nd.  Use that phone call on Sunday night to help them understand the focus is now shifting to academics.

3) He had some key dates on one slide.  Most important is Parents' Day 12-14 October.  Make your reservations early!  I will update our page once the schedule is firm.  In the meantime look at last year's schedule to get a sense of the events that will be available to you.  

From the Deans:  To sum all of their briefs, The Citadel is a place of incredible opportunities for your Cadet to take advantage of. Over the next year we'll go through many of them and provide you information that we hope will help with conversations between you and your Cadet. 

Don't forget the Oath Ceremony Monday at 5:30PM.  We will stream it live on The Citadel Face Book Page    Check in about 10 minutes early.  As you know we have had some stormy weather down here.  Should it be raining, we will move the ceremony into McAllister Field House.

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