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Program Policies

I.  Program Requirements

Masters of Science in Project Management 
The Masters of Science in Project Management is conferred upon those candidates who successfully complete an approved program of study consisting of 30 semester hours of graduate credit as delineated here.  Students are expected to complete all degree requirements within a seven-year period from the time of registration in their first graduate course at The Citadel. Any prerequisites for applicable courses must be met.

Technical Project Management
Students are required to complete 12 hours of graduate study within a four-year period from the time of registration in their first TPM graduate course at The Citadel. All students are required to complete a capstone project that spans the four TPM courses. Other degree programs may require students to complete subject-specific capstone projects in order to transfer TPM courses for credit within those programs.

Systems Engineering Management 
The Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Management program is comprised of four graduate-leve courses (three required plus one elective) where students engage in both traditional and virtual classroom tthat promote systems thinking and related competencies in general use throughout a broad spectrum of industries. The course focus will be on managing the development, verification, and delivery of an integrated and balanced set of systems, resources, and process solutions to satisfy customer needs.

II. Transfer Credit

A maximum of six credit hours for graduate courses from a CHEA accredited institution may be approved for transfer (except for ENGR 650, ENGR 651, ENGR 652, and ENGR 653), provided: (1) grades of “B” or better were received in the courses being considered, (2) credit was earned within six years prior to admission into The Citadel MSPM program, and (3) each course has been approved by the department head. 

III. Academic Integrity & Standards

All students are to adhere to the academic integrity policy and procedures as well as the academic standards outlined in The Citadel Graduate College Handbook.  Please refer to pages 16 & 17 of the CGC Catalog for this information.