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2017-18 Academic Year

Date: 5 February 2018

Time: 12 - 12:50 pm

Venue: Daniel Library Third Floor Reading Room

Topic: Today's college campuses are responding to change through innovation.  This is occurring in curriculum, the business model, facilities and student life.  How can a campus build a culture of innovation?  Provost and Phi Kappa Phi member, Dr. Connie Book, will lead a discussion on advancing innovation.


2015-16 Academic Year

14 March 2016 - "How to Find the Battle of Crecy" by Professor Michael Livingston

21 February 2016 - The 2016 PKP Initiation Ceremony


2011-12 Academic Year

24 September 2008 – "Venezuela nueva: Notes on a Summer in Mérida" by Senior Richard Doelling, who applied his Star of the West International Summer Scholarship to a sojourn in the land of Hugo Chavez. (photo)

29 October 2008 – "Challenges and Opportunities for Global Engagement at The Citadel" by Professor Donald Sparks, chair of the International Education Study Group. (photo)

28 January 2009 – "Ghana: Tragedy and Hope" by Professor Julie Lipovsky. (photo)

25 February 2009 – "Stock and Flow, Decline and Grow - Using Simulation to Teach System Dynamics" by Assistant Professor Carl Betterton.

The 2008 PKP Initiation Ceremony took place on Sunday, 20 April 2008. (photo)

Highlights of the initiation ceremony:

  • New student members inducted - 29 undergraduate and 19 graduate members.
  • Three faculty members inducted.
    • Samuel M. Hines, Jr. - Provost and Dean of the College
    • Charles A. Klinger - Star of the West Scholarship Board
    • Scott C. Lucas - English
  • Recipient of the Chapter 2008 Distinguished Service Award was Jack Wright Rhodes, Founding Director, the Honors Program

19 March 2008 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: "Incorporating Independent Research in the Undergraduate Curriculum: The Faculty and Student Perspective" by Cadet Brent McCarragher and Alix Darden, Associate Professor of Biology.

27 February 2008 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: "Charleston's Inn of Court: Pre-Law Study at The Citadel" by Scott Lucas, Associate Professor of English.

30 January 2008 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: "My Summer-Study in Paris and Istanbul" by John Lathers, Star of the West International Scholar.

31 October 2007 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: "Prepping Your Best Majors for Graduate Fellowships" by Al Gurganus, Fellowships Director.

26 September 2007 – "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: "Scholar or Spook?" by Sam Hines, Provost and Dean of the College.

The 2007 PKP Initiation Ceremony took place at 4:30 pm on Sunday, 22 April 2007 in Summerall Chapel with a banquet that followed in the Holliday Alumni Center at 6:00pm.

Highlights of the initiation ceremony:

  • New faculty members:
    Dr. John Weinstein of Biology
    Dr. William Sharbrough of Business Administration
    Dr. Ryan Allen of Psychology
  • Distinguished alumni members:
    Gilbert Bradham, M.D., Class of 1953
    Dr. William Marcuson III, Class of 1963
  • Recipient of the Chapter 2007 Distinguished Service Award. Lt. General John Moellering, Founding Chair, The Citadel School of Business Administration Advisory Board, Graduate Committee Advisory Board, Graduate Committee
  • Winner of the 2007 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship Award. Douglas James Schmid, Political Science/International Military Affairs
  • Recipient of the 2007 Chapter Award Roman Lenner, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lt. Gen. Rosa, President of The Citadel, participated in the initiation ceremony and congratulated each inductee and the PKP award recipients. Also in attendance to present the certificates was Dr. Sandra Holt, Southeastern Regional Vice President from the national PKP office.

21 March 2007 – "Smooth or Crunchy?" by Dr. Chuck Groetsch, Dean of School of Science and Mathematics and the Traubert Chair in Science and Mathematics (Photo). Presentation abstract:

28 February 2007 - Citadel Summer Scholars: Mr. Daniel Hervig (Political Science/American Government) and Mr. Jason Russell (Business Administration/Accounting) will discuss how to apply the Citadel Summer Scholar Grant and will present overviews of their adventures in Oxford, England and Ecuador,respectively.

31 January 2007 - "The Intersection of Research and Teaching: Creating Conditions that Lead to Change in a Learner's Brain,” by Dr. Alix Darden, Professor of Biology.

25 October 2006 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: Jennifer A. Turner, English Department, will discuss "Marriage in Early Twentieth Century British Fiction"

27 September 2006 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: Dr. Juan Bahk, Modern Languages Department, will discuss "The Politics of the Reunification in Korean Peninsular."

23 April 2006 - The annual spring initiation of The Citadel Chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi took place at 4:30 p.m. in Summerall Chapel. Dr. Sandra Holt, Southeastern Regional Vice President of Phi Kappa Phi and Associate Professor of Communications and Director of the Honors Program at Tennessee State University in Nashville, presented the certificates to new members and awarded Cadet Drew Brooks the PKP Graduate Fellowship Award of $5000. The annual banquet followed in the Holliday Alumni Center on Hagood Avenue at 6:00 p.m.

Each year since 1979, the outstanding undergraduate and graduate students of The Citadel are invited to join the Society. In 2006, three faculty members were elected and inducted on April 23: Dr. David Heisser, Daniel Library; Dr. Wesley Jones, Jr., School of Business Administration; and Dr. Suzanne Mabrouk, Department of Chemistry. There were two alumnus initiates: Lt. General John W. Rosa, Class of 1973, President of the Citadel, and Dr. Gary G. Durante, Class of 1980, Vice President of The Citadel Alumni Association. Mrs. June Bradham, the founding Board member of The School of Business Administration Advisory Board, received the Distinguished Service Award.

22 March 2006 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: 2005 Citadel Summer Scholars will present overviews of their study abroad adventures: Mr. Zach McKinney - Beijing, China; Mr. Alexander Monte - Madrid and Alicante, Spain and Cambridge, England; Ms. Sarah Williford – London, England.

22 February 2006 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: Mr. Fred Whittle, Class of 1980 (member of first initiated Phi Kappa Phi group in 1979), will discuss "John C. Calhoun, the Education and Philosophy of a Southern Statesman."

25 January 2006 - "Brown Bag" Symposium Program: Dr. Julie Lipovsky, Department of Psychology, shared information on "Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy: A new approach to addressing old problems."

26 October 2005 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Program: Dr. Al Gurganus, Modern Languages Department, gave his presentation "Down and Dirty: The Goeksu Archeological Project in Southern Turkey."

28 September 2005 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Program: Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro, Modern Languages Department, spoke about "The Spanish Civil War, Carmen Laforet and Questions of Identity."

24 April 2005 - (Sunday) Annual Initiation Ceremony was held in Summerall Chapel at 4:30pm followed by a banquet in the Holliday Alumni Center at 6:00pm. Click here for Provost Donald Steven's address (MS Word doc). Click here for photos

30 March 2005 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Program: Dr. Keith Knapp, History Department, presented on his research with Chinese archeology.

23 February 2005 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Dr. Jane Bishop, History Department, presented a look at "The DaVinci Code" from a historical perspective.

26 January 2005 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Program presented by 2004 Summer Study Abroad Scholars: Andrew Brooks - Berlin and Schwaebisch Hall, Germany; Jay Dennis - University of Sussex, England; Olivia Perry-Smith - Cambridge University, England

27 October 2004 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Program: Forum Discussion with representatives from the three campus political organizations. The Young Democrats - Cadet Joseph Simpson; Advisor, Dr. Donald Sparks; The Citadel Republican Society - Cadet Adam Basch; Advisor, Dr. Kyle Sinisi; The Citadel Libertarians - Cadet Mark Hocamp; Advisor, Dr. Bill Woolsey.

29 September 2004 - "Brown Bag" Symposium. Program: "Effects of the South on the Presidential Elections of 2004" presented by Professors Laurence Moreland and Robert Steed of the Political Science and Criminal Justice Department.

Brown Bag Symposium Schedule since 1996.

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Mr. Kevin Jack has been chosen as a student vice-president from the southeast region to attend the Phi Kappa Phi Triennial Convention held in Orlando, FL in August with all travel expenses paid by PKP.

"How to Find the Battle of Crecy"

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