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Citadel News Service
13 Oct 2012

Parents flock to campus for annual celebration in their honor

The Class of 2016 took a step forward in its leadership journey today. With 716 members, the freshmen have completed their cadre training period and were promoted to cadet privates and officially joined the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

pb promotion 2webDuring a promotion ceremony in each of The Citadel's five cadet battalions the freshmen received their company letters, which will be worn on their uniform shirt collar. Afterward, during the military dress parade, the Fourth Class was officially inducted into the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. The Class of 2015 is now fully integrated into the Corps but will continue its 4th Class duties and responsibilities until Recognition Day in the spring.

Also during the Parents' Day military dress parade on Summerall Field. Held in honor of all parents, the Honorable Judge Donald Nugent and his wife Lynn Burnett, parents of Regimental Commander Cadet Col. Patrick Nugent, represented all parents during the jeep review of the Corps of Cadets.

Several awards were also presented to recognize cadet cadre achievements.

The Cadre Leadership Award recognizes squad sergeants for physical fitness, knowledge of training regulations, ability to teach drill and ceremonies and inspection techniques. The award was created by the training and operations division of the Commandant of Cadets.

Cadet Sgt. Jullian Meyer of Delta Company and Cadet Cpl. Carson Smith of Papa Company were selected as top squad sergeants for fall sports cadre

Earning top cadre squad sergeant recognition for working with the Class of 2016 during the training period are Cadet Sgt. Samuel Gregory and Cpl. William Wutzer of India Company. Each cadet's name will be engraved on the cadre leadership trophy displayed in Jenkins Hall.

The Regimental Commander's Bowl for 2012 goes to Alpha Company. The award was established in 1972 to recognize the cadet company with the most successful cadre as demonstrated by the fourth class attrition rate and fourth class performance in close order drill, physical training and knob knowledge. Accepting the award for the company was Cadet 1st Lt. Caleb Alsup.

Each year cadet companies compete for the Kelly Cup, which is awarded to the best-drilled fourth-class squad in the Corps of Cadets. The four best-drilled squads were chosen after preliminary competitions among all 21 cadet companies. The four that competed for the Kelly Cup Saturday morning were Regimental Band, Alpha, Golf and Sierra. The 2012 Kelly Cup goes to Golf Company. Accepted the award for the company was Cadet Sgt. Stewart Gress.

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