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24 Oct 2009

Parents, cadet achievements recognized during Parents' Weekend

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Parents and cadet achievement was recognized during Parents' Weekend events Friday and Saturday at The Citadel.

Citadel parents show their pride and support during the Parents' Weekend military dress parade.

One of the day's highlights was the ceremony promoting members of the Class of 2013 from cadet recruits to cadet privates. The ceremony marks the end of the cadre military training period, which began on Aug. 15. Cadre is disbanded and the 636 freshmen are fully integrated into the structure of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

On Friday another milestone took place – 367 members of the Class of 2010 received their class rings. Cadets must be proficient in all areas – academics, military duty and discipline – to receive a ring, which is considered a high honor at the college.

“Wearing a Citadel ring is a privilege earned by virtue of your status as an academic senior and a person who has lived according to the tenets of the honor code,” Citadel President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa told the seniors. “For you who wear the ring, integrity and character are your most prized possessions. You accept a commitment to conduct yourselves in a manner that will make proud your classmates and the generations of others who wear the ring.”

As is a Parents’ Weekend tradition, the parents of Regimental Commander Cadet Col. Zach Holliday, William and Elizabeth Holliday represented all parents at Saturday’s military dress parade. William Holliday and his son took part in the jeep review of the Corps of Cadets along with Rosa.

In recognition of their leadership several cadets were honored, and the Regimental Commanders’ Bowl, Cadre Leadership Award and Kelly Cup were awarded during the military dress parade on Saturday.

Oscar Company 1st Sgt. Cadet Coty Trivellin , second from right, accepts the Regimental Commander's Bowl from 2010 commander Cadet Col. Zach Holliday, second from left.
Regimental Commader's Bowl

The award was established in 1972 to recognize the cadet company with the most successful cadre as demonstrated by the fourth class attrition rate and fourth class performance in close order drill, physical training and knob knowledge.

Accepting the award for the winning company was Oscar Company 1st Sgt. Cadet Coty Trivellin.

The Cadre Leadership Award

This award recognizes squad sergeants for physical fitness, knowledge of training regulations, ability to teach drill and ceremonies and inspection techniques. The award was created by the training and operations division of the Commandant of Cadets.

Cadet Sgt. Christopher Thornton and Cadet Cpl. Terrel Dallas, both of Delta Company, were honored as the top squad sergeants for fall sports cadre. Both are members of the Bulldog football team.

Earning top cadre squad sergeant recognition for working with the Class of 2013 during the training period are Cadet Master Sgt. Joseph Tkach and Cadet Sgts. Wesley Dempster and William Leek, all of Alpha Company. Each cadet’s name will be engraved on the cadre leadership trophy displayed in Jenkins Hall.

Hotel Company is the 2009 Kelly Cup winner following competition Oct. 24 during Parents' Weekend events.

Kelly Cup

Each year cadet companies compete for the Kelly Cup, which is awarded to the best-drilled fourth-class squad in the Corps of Cadets. The four best-drilled squads were chosen after preliminary competitions among all 19 cadet companies. The four that competed for the Kelly Cup Saturday morning were Palmetto Battery, Hotel, Foxtrot and Echo companies.

Hotel Company is this year’s Kelly Cup winner. Cadet Sgt. Andrew Gartside accepted the award on behalf of his platoon.

Parents' Weekend, which concludes on Sunday, is one of three big weekends held annually at The Citadel. The others are Homecoming Weekend in November and Corps Day Weekend in March. Parents’ Weekend typically is the largest attended.

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