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John Rosa

As members of the Class of 2019, you are entering The Citadel at a time when the need for principled leaders is greater than it has ever been. You are to be commended for accepting the academic, physical and mental challenges that await you as those challenges will foster personal growth that develops you in mind, body and spirit. Your time as a cadet will be more demanding and more rewarding than you ever thought possible. Soon after you arrive, you will realize that your relationships with classmates are central to your success, as they will be the ones to support and encourage you. You will learn the value of taking responsibility for your actions, and you will experience the rewards that follow honorable behavior. Once you have completed your education, you will leave The Citadel armed with the knowledge and values necessary for effective principled leadership. The Citadel’s reputation for producing principled leaders spans more than 160 years, and I challenge you to join the Citadel’s tradition of excellence in honor, leadership, service, and academics. Together, we will build upon the Citadel’s solid foundation as we ensure the institution remains a relevant force in the 21st century.

John W. Rosa

Lieutenant General, USAF,( Retired)
Citadel Class of 1973


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