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Toastmasters Positions

 Toastmasters Officers

Officers for El Cid Toastdawgs for Fall 2010 (from left):  Ricky Anderson, VP Membership; Daniel Lawrence, VP Public Relations: Caleb Knowlton, VP Education: Zach Yereb, President; Andrew Pease, Secretary;  Not pictured: Ryan Ayer, Sgt-At-Arms.


Toastmaster members can be elected to one of the following positions:

President: Sets the tone and direction for the club; encourages members to compete in higher level competitions; personally recognizes special guests and visitors; calls the meeting to order; conducts the business meeting; makes special announcements; works with advisers to keep the club in good standing with the international organization.

Vice President – Education: Schedules speakers and alternates for each meeting; sends out program announcements; works with president on special projects; reviews agenda with TMOD before the meeting starts; works with advisers to keep track of members.

Vice President – Public Relations: Works to promote El Cid Toastdawgs within the Corps; greets visitors; works with advisers to do news releases on the club.

Vice President – Membership: Makes a special effort to greet new members and encourage other cadets to join Toastmasters; works with advisers to get potential members an information packet and application materials.

Secretary: Maintains records of the meeting; circulates attendance sheet for members to sign; works with advisers to compile necessary records and reports for Toastmasters International.

Sergeant At Arms: Helps set up the meeting room, arranging any materials needed at the meeting and assists with getting lunches if needed; makes a point to welcome new people.


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