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The Citadel Boating Program is conducted under the aegis of The Citadel Boating Center for the benefit of the Corps of Cadets and fulltime day students who pay student activity fees, faculty, staff and their qualifying dependents. The Citadel Boating Center is managed by the Boating Center Manager, operating under policy guidance of the Director of the Physical Plant. All boats, which are purchased with Citadel funds of any kind or are received as gifts or on loan, are placed under the jurisdiction and custodianship of the Boating Center Manager. While title of some boats and equipment may remain with an associated eleemosynary organization, general use and scheduling will remain the responsibility of the Boating Center Manager. Boats used by academic departments directly in support of a curriculum, or boats used to support Boating Center (ex. recovery/towing) are not generally available for other use. All other Boating Center boats are available for use by members in accordance with the administrative rules of the Boating Center. These rules cover scheduling, qualification requirements, and monetary charges for rental, gas and oil for power boats.


The Boating Center Manager will assist in the preparation of an annual budget for the operation of the entire boating program, including the maintenance of boats, properties and purchase of boats and equipment.

  1. Sources of funds for support of Citadel-owned boats:

    1. Allocation from student activities fees.

    2. Boat rental charges.

    3. Allocation of college funds.

    4. Sale of gasoline and oil.

    5. Rental of boat storage spaces and berthing.

    6. Sale of Citadel surplus or surveyed boats and equipment.

  2. The budget will provide for:

    1. Administrative expenses.

    2. General maintenance for college-owned boats, boating equipment, and facilities.

    3. A small boat rental/use program.

    4. Gasoline and oil purchases for use and resale to private boat owners using Boating Center facilities.

    5. Boat and equipment purchases.

Funds for support of boats whose title is held by charitable organizations are controlled by those organizations.


The Boating Center Manager will have overall responsibilities for:

  1. The waterfront facilities and services at the Boating Center.

  2. The management of the qualifications program, both sailing and powerboats.

  3. The maintenance of all equipment assigned to the Boating Center.

  4. Custody, care and inventory of all boats, equipment and facilities.

  5. Maintenance of all records of qualification, expense and purchase.


A full-time mechanic or a full time mechanic assistant will be employed and will be responsible directly to the Boating Center Shop Manager.

  1. Part-time assistants, generally students, will be employed during the year to assist the Boating Center Manager in managing and maintaining the Boating Center, its facilities and equipment. These part-time assistants will be paid an hourly wage as determined in coordination with the Director of Human Resources.

  2. B. The Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science small boat training activities are the responsibility of the head of each particular activity. The Boating Center will support their requirements; to the extent funds are available, through the purchase and maintenance of the necessary boats and equipment.


See Annex A.


See Annex B.


See Annex C.


See Annex D.

Annex A, Boating Rules and Regulations
Annex B, Charges
Annex C, Boating Center Storage Policy
Annex D, Boating Center Club House Policy




Boating regulations for all those authorized to use The Citadel boats are prescribed below. The Citadel Boating Center Manager at his discretion may make administrative exceptions to these rules. These will be made under special circumstances only. There will be no exceptions made to government or safety regulations.


Qualification cards are required for all powerboats.

Qualification cards are NOT required for canoes.

Only Citadel faculty, staff, their qualified dependents, and/or cadets and full time students are permitted to operate Citadel owned boats and equipment. Cadets/students must be currently enrolled as a full time student paying activity fees for that semester. No one under the age of 16 years will be allowed to check out a powerboat or a canoe. Dependents 18 or under require parental sign out or written permission. Authorized dependents must live with the sponsor, be 18 years or younger or be a student ‑ not over the age of 22. All persons eligible to use Citadel boats must have passed The Citadel Rules and Regulations written test, demonstrated a theoretical knowledge of small boats, boating safety, and rules of the road. He or she must also have demonstrated, to the satisfaction of a qualified Boat Center instructor, a practical boat handling capability. A student may satisfactorily demonstrate theoretical knowledge by attending the South Carolina Basic Boating Course, the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Basic Seamanship Course, the U. S. Power Squadron Basic Seamanship Course, or by taking a written test based on the home study South Carolina Basic Boating Course. The on-water demonstration of boat handling may be accomplished at the Boating Center by arranging an on water test in the appropriate boat. Certification of qualifications in a power boat will be attested to by issuance of a qualification card given by The Citadel Boating Center. The Boating Center Manager will maintain an active file of all those qualified. Qualification is effective for the remainder of enrollment at The Citadel for students, and during employment for faculty and staff members.


  1. Checkouts and reservations.

    1. A qualified skipper may sign out a boat. They must be present at the time the boat is checked out and any time the boat is in operation. Boats may not be checked out by one skipper and turned over to another, whether qualified or not. Only in an emergency situation is anyone other than a qualified skipper or skippers, if more than one is present, allowed to operate a Citadel owned boat.

    2. During the academic school year, cadets will have priority in the reservation procedure. Cadets will be allowed first choice until noon Wednesday preceding the weekend to make a reservation. After noon on Wednesday, reservations can be made by any skipper on a first come/first served basis.

    3. Reservations can be made for weekend use only and can be made up to two weeks in advance. The earliest a reservation can be made in advance will be 0730 the Friday two weeks preceding. Reserved boats must be picked up before 1430 hrs on Fridays.

    4. Reserved boats will be held until 1430 of the first full day of the reservation. If they are not picked up by that time, the boats will be dispatched on a first come/first served basis.

  2. Checking out a boat - the skipper must:

    1. Obtain authority from the Boating Center Manager or his authorized representative to use the boat. Any boat not checked in by noon the day it is due back will be charged an extra day’s rental for washing and equipment check-in.

    2. Sign out on the proper check out form giving all the information requested on this form. (Sign in on the same form, listing all boat and equipment discrepancies.)

    3. Confirm that the boat is equipped with all required safety equipment according to its size and purpose. This may include a paddle, an anchor, life preserver (for each on board), fire extinguisher, flare kit and a throw able flotation device.

    4. Pay any and all monies due for the use of the boat and equipment prior to its utilization.  A $50 deposit is required for all rentals.

    5. Determine that each passenger is physically capable of engaging in the boating activity. The skipper shall verify that he and all passengers can swim. (The Skipper is responsible for his safety and that of the passengers.)

  3. General Boating Rules:

    1. Citadel boats due in before the Boating Center is scheduled to close must be returned 30 minutes prior to closing to allow for washing and equipment check-in.

    2. Powerboats may be trailered off campus by making arrangements with the Boating Center. Proof of adequate insurance and permission to tow will be required of the owner of the towing vehicle prior to leaving the Boating Center. Boats trailered off campus, one day rentals, must be checked-in 30 minutes prior to closing. Late turn-in of boats and equipment must be pre-approved by the Boating Center Manager and will remain the responsibility of the person checking them out, until they are properly turned in.

    3. With prior permission, trailered boats may be returned after normal operating hours by checking in and out a key at the Public Safety Office located at the Lesesne Gate. Boats must be in tow when obtaining a key. Keys will not be issued to remove a Citadel boat from the Boating Center when it is closed.

    4. Only permanently installed trailer hitches with a 1 7/8" or 2” ball will be allowed to trailer Citadel boats.

    5. Citadel boats may be tied to the Citadel docks and left overnight at the user's risk. The skipper checking out the boat/equipment will be responsible for the boat and all equipment until properly checked-in.

    6. The normal maximum length of checkout will be three consecutive days. However, the Boating Center Manager may increase or decrease the amount of time a boat may be checked out based upon the demand.

    7. Powerboats shall be operated within a 75-mile radius of the campus and no further offshore than the edges of the jetties marking the channel into Charleston Harbor.

    8. There is a no wake zone within 300 feet of The Citadel piers.

    9. Alcoholic beverages and or illegal substances shall not be carried or consumed by the operator or passengers of Citadel boats. Violations will result in the immediate loss of boating privileges. (Empty beer cans, bottles, residue, etc. will be considered as having been carried/consumed.)

    10. Boats shall not be operated within 100' of a surf line. They may be landed on beach areas where there is NO wave or surf action. Adequate care and anchoring devices must be used to prevent the loss or damage of any boat.

    11. Boats anchored in areas where submerged or partially submerged structures, such as where the jetties are located, must use adequate anchors, chain, line and proper anchor scope. The skipper must take adequate precautions to prevent the boat from being forced upon these structures by wind, waves, and wakes.

    12. Boats shall enter and exit the Citadel Boating Center channel through the channel markers. Early entry or exit from this channel is not allowed.

    13. Citadel boats shall not be used for hire or subleased.

    14. The use of boats in The Citadel channel may be restricted due to low water conditions in the channel. Boats shall not be run through the mud in an effort to leave or return.

    15. Persons utilizing Citadel boats and equipment are required to wash them with soap and water prior to check in.

    16. Water Skiing:

      • Water skiers must wear approved water skiing flotation devices.

      • While water skiing, there must be two persons in the towboat: one driver and one observer.

      • Approved water skiing safety rules and hand signals must be used.

      • No skiing in the Citadel channel is allowed.

      • No spraying other boats, docks, etc. is allowed.


  1. If a breakdown or an accident occurs, contact the Boating Center at 953‑6849 or call Towboat US at 1-800-391-4869 immediately and report the problem. If the Boating Center is closed, contact Public Safety at 953-5114. If an accident occurs and there is more than $500.00 in damage and/or more than first aid is needed for anyone injured, the skipper is required to contact the SC Department of Natural Resources at 795-6350.

  2. Check the Boating Center hours of operation and the window of time when the channel is closed to boat traffic. If the boat cannot be returned prior to closing of the Boating Center, it will be the skipper’s responsibility to protect it until the boat can be properly checked-in.


The Citadel Boating Center Manager may suspend any person’s boating privileges for cause, but must report this suspension as soon as possible to the Director of Physical Plant. Violation of safety procedures or good boating procedures by private boat owners in The Citadel basin also will be reported to the Director of Physical Plant. The suspension of Boating Center privileges may be imposed.

Violation of rules and regulations may result in but are not limited to:

1st Offense: Loss of check‑out privileges for up to one month.

2nd Offense: Loss of privileges for no less than one month and no more than one semester/summer.

3rd Offense: Permanent loss of privileges.


A person signing out a Citadel owned boat automatically assumes the responsibility for any loss or damage for the boat, trailer and equipment. That responsibility begins when the boat and equipment is checked out. It is
relinquished when the boat and equipment are returned in the same condition as received and a Boating Center employee signs the checkout form. Loss or damages by any means other than fair wear and tear are the
responsibility of the person who has checked out the boat, trailer and equipment. Privileges will be suspended until the loss or damages have been settled. When a loss is covered by insurance, the operator may be held responsible for the amount up to the deductible.

Grounding or collision of a boat and associated damage is, by definition, attributable to improper handling and carelessness. Persons incurring damage under such circumstances will be held financially responsible for the necessary repairs. In addition, consideration of the loss or suspension of Boating Center privileges will be made.

Abuse and or intentional destruction of boats and equipment will not be tolerated. When such evidence is present, the skipper and/or passengers may be refused further use of Citadel owned boats and equipment.


The Citadel Boating Center will carry limited liability insurance on all Citadel owned boats.


0700 - 1500 Monday - Friday.




*No storage at this time due to construction*





All boats

$1.00 ft/month

$2.00 ft/month





Power boats






Skis, hydro-slide, tube, ropes

Available with Citadel boats only

Available with Citadel boats only


Regular Gas

Current Market *


Current Market *





*No storage at this time due to construction*

1. Boats and equipment left for berthing and storage by private owners will be protected only to the degree provided by the daytime presence of Boating Center personnel and normal campus security. The Citadel assumes no responsibility for loss or damage. No boat will be accepted for water berthing unless it has complete watertight integrity and is maintained in a reasonable seaworthy condition, properly registered, and presents a good appearance. It is the owner’s responsibility to protect their equipment and to check on its condition regularly. The Citadel Boating Center staff will not be responsible for removal of accumulated water, leaves and debris from stored boats.

2. Persons with boats in storage at the Boating Center will be required to abide by the rules concerning security of the Boating Center facility when entering after normal work hours. The area enclosed by chain fence, known as the service and storage yard, is to be kept locked and access is restricted to those persons paying for the storage of a boat or trailer in the storage yard or in the water. Their names will be kept on a list at the Public Safety Office, which is located at the Lesesne Gate. This area must be locked upon entry and kept locked until and after departure. Only those persons needed to launch/recover their personal boat are to be in this area; all others are to be picked up or let out on the public dock. Under no circumstances are children allowed to be in this area, unless they are under strict supervision of a parent/guardian.

3. Persons keeping boats at the Boating Center are responsible for launching and retrieving their own boats. Boating Center personnel and equipment will not be utilized to perform these tasks. Vehicles used to launch and retrieve personal boats will be removed from the service yard and parked outside the fence.

4. Keys to the storage area are kept at the Public Safety Office at Lesesne Gate. Keys will be picked up and returned as soon as the user is finished. Keys are not to be passed from one user to another, nor are key holders to open the storage yard for another. It is imperative that each user be responsible for checking out a key for their own use only and returning that key as soon as possible to preserve their right to store their boat at the Boating Center. Keys to the front gate and access to that gate are restricted and will not be issued. Those boat owners wishing to use the public dock after normal operating hours must make arrangements with the Boating Center Manager.

5. Boat owners and their guests are to use the long public dock for all of their activities. The service dock, the dock only accessible thru the service yard, is not to be used by boat owners or their guests. Occasionally, private boats will be moored on this dock and only those owners will be allowed to use the dock. Owners are asked to restrict access to only those persons needed to move the boat to the public dock.

6. Owners and their guests are expected to follow all the rules concerning the use of the Boating Center and its facilities. Owners will be responsible for the actions of their guests.

7. All dock space and on-the-hill storage space, including covered storage, will be assigned. It is expected that all boat owners will keep their boat in their respective assigned space. Boats and their equipment will be kept out of the public areas of the Boating Center. 

Storage charges will continue until the owner advises the Boating Center Manager that a boat/trailer has been permanently removed. Boats/trailers in storage will be charged for the full month’s rent after the 15th of each month.

8. The number of available spaces to be rented will be dependent upon the needs of the Boating Center. During special function or circumstance, unused/rented space may be taken for the use of the Boating Center.

9. Owners of boats in the water may be asked to remove or displace their boats to facilitate sailing classes or other on-water operations. Every effort will be made to give prior notice and to relocate the boat to prevent it from having to be removed from the water. Additionally, it is understood that the Boating Center has permission to move any boat necessary to carry on the mission of the Boating Center. Those owners unwilling to give this permission must agree to move their boat on demand.

10. Ownership of the boat will determine its storage eligibility. Storage spaces are available to the following persons:

  1. Cadets

  2. Faculty – full time only

  3. Staff – full time only

  4. Special cases as approved by the Administration.

11. Priority for space will be in the following order:

  1. Cadets – with a home residence greater than 25 miles from campus.

  2. Faculty and staff – on campus.

  3. Cadets – residing within 25 miles of campus.

  4. Faculty and staff – off campus.

  5. Special cases.

12. Storage spaces and or water berthing are intended to be used for storage/berthing of boats that are actively utilized. Owners of boats that are not utilized and are in a “dead” condition, those boats that have not been used in more than one year, may be required to remove their boat. Because of the limited space available, we cannot provide storage space for unused boating equipment. When necessary, removal of boats/equipment will be in the reverse order of priority for space.

13. Owners of boats in the water will be required to pay for additional space occupied by trailers on the hill.

14. All equipment in storage must be in a condition that allows it to be moved. Tires must be kept inflated and hitches unlocked to facilitate moving.

15. In the event of a severe storm, such as a hurricane, it will be the owner’s responsibility to secure their boat, trailer and equipment to prevent damage to it and the property of others. Boats will not be left tied to the docks. Owners will be required to remove them from the docks and find a safe shelter. Boats will not be left moored in the basin/channel without adequate anchoring devices. The Boating Center is under no obligation to perform any work or provide the supplies necessary to secure a private boat.

16. In the event a privately owned boat sinks in The Citadel channel or basin, efforts will be made to help the owner recover the boat. However, it will be the owners responsibility to recover the boat, reimburse The Citadel for labor expended and perform cleanup in the event of damage. The boat owner is responsible for notifying the proper authorities in case of fuel/oil spills, hazards to navigation, etc.

17. Water and electricity will be provided only to the extent it is available. No new service will be installed. It will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

18. Discharge of marine toilets, showers, sinks and similar devices will not be allowed in the yacht basin. Boats with holding tanks must make arrangements to empty the devices at approved pump-out stations.

19. Live-a-boards will not be allowed at The Citadel Boating Center.

20. Boat owners are responsible for the proper collection, clean up and disposal of any trash, debris, etc. they produce from boat cleaning, repair or maintenance activities.

21. A waiting list will be kept for storage spaces as they become available. Potential renters will be sent a note and given 7 days in which to respond. After the seventh day, the next person eligible will be sent a note and given seven days to respond. This procedure will continue until the space is rented. In the event a person does not respond within the seven days, they will lose their place and their name will be moved to the end of their respective list.

22. Failure to conform to these rules will result in removal of the boat and/or equipment from the Boating Center storage area.

23. Boat owners are prohibited from utilizing Citadel owned equipment and supplies for their personal use.

24. Fees for Boating Center storage are established yearly and are found in Annex B or made available by contacting the Boating Center.

THIS POLICY BECOMES EFFECTIVE: Upon publication of The Citadel Boating Program memorandum.

I understand and agree to abide by the Storage Agreement.


(Signature of boat owner) ________________________________

(Date) __________________




1. The Citadel Boating Center Clubhouse is operated for the benefit of The Citadel Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff. The facility consists of a kitchen that includes a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and toaster oven; and, a sink, lockers, showers, toilet facilities (male & female) and a meeting area with a television, VCR and stereo system,with seating for 50 persons. All furniture must remain in the building.

2. Persons, (sponsors) desiring to use the facility must make reservations with The Citadel's Event Management System (EMS),, or in person at the Boating Center. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis, cadet functions having first priority. A Facility use form must be filled out and approved before a date is locked in. The sponsor is responsible for the cleanup of the facility and grounds immediately after the event. All trash must be deposited in campus dumpsters, the lights turned off and the facility locked after the event ends.

3. Persons reserving the clubhouse for personal use will be required to pay a rental charge of $50.00 for the use of the clubhouse.  An additional $50.00 charge is assessed for the use of the deck, gas grills and grounds. A 20 X 20 tent is available to be set up over the deck. The charge for the tent set up is $50.00. A clean up charge of $50.00 will be assessed to the sponsor of the event if trash is not cleaned up and tables/chairs are not stacked immediately following the event.

4. All cadet functions must terminate by 1930 hours. Cadet functions after 1930 must have written approval from the Commandant of Cadets.

5. Alcohol will not be consumed or introduced to the Boating Center, without administration approval.  Refer to The Citadel's Event Management Alcohol Policy, Section J,


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