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How to Update Your Department Website

(Joomla Training Videos)

The Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM) oversees the development and content of the college's website, OCM's college webmaster maintains The Citadel homepage and all generic pages; they also collaborate with departments to build new webpages, advise in website best practices, and perform any complex changes. includes tens of thousands of pages, and since policies, events, and department information changes frequently, each department or office on campus should designate one person to update and maintain the content on pages included on its department/office website.

The following videos will demonstrate how to make basic content updates using Joomla, the college's Content Management System (CMS):


1) How to log in to Joomla, and locate the page you wish to edit (4:31)

2) How to update the text on your webpage (4:58)

3) How to insert links to another webpage (4:53)

4) How to insert a link to a document from your computer (6:35)

5) How to insert and format a photo on your webpage (8:07)

6) How to embed a video in your webpage (4:19)


After you are comfortable with the basics outlined in these videos, please review this document titled "Make the Internet Work for You: Best Practices for Web Content and Editing". This PDF covers best practice tips and tools to maximize your web presence.

More Joomla training videos may be added over time. If you run into any issues, have more specific questions, or would like to request department access to your webpage, please contact Kara Klein at 3-3721 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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