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Citadel News Service
27 Nov 2012

NROTC unit announces Naval officer assignments

Thirty-eight midshipmen and active duty officer candidates in The Citadel Naval ROTC have been selected for commission and were informed of their service selection in October.

Throughout the nation hundreds NROTC midshipmen and active duty students are learning what they will be doing after graduation and commissioning for the next four years of their lives. Most graduates will be serving as line officers in the Navy, while some will go on to medical schools to continue their education.

Midshipmen (all cadets) and officer candidates (all active duty sailors enrolled in the Seaman-to-Admiral 21 program) are ranked by order of merit against their peers nationally. This merit order is compared to the desired "dream sheets" that the students submitted prior to the start of their senior year and from it service assignments are made. It is a highly competitive process taking into account the student's academic, physical and professional performance during their time in the unit.

Congratulations to the class of 2013 Naval officers.

Surface Warfare Officers

OC Sammy J. Amalla
MIDN John K. Cowart (Engineering option)
OC Matthew E. DelaVega
OC Sebastian R. Delos Santos
MIDN Thomas K. George
OC Alexander J. Goodwin (Nuclear option)
MIDN John C. Holl (Information Warfare option)
MIDN James R. Isham
MIDN Matthew D. Neal
OC Joshua L. Neeper
OC Clarese L. Neill (Nuclear option)
MIDN Zachary D. Northcutt
MIDN Dimitri G. Paspalaris (Engineering option)
OC Derrick E. Prescott
MIDN Michael C. Singer (Engineering option)
MIDN Ashley L. Sparks
OC Landon J. Stultz (Nuclear option)
OC Ryan C. Trenck

Submarine Officers

MIDN Derek S. Bernsen
OC Benjamin A. Cook
OC Matthew L. Curtis
OC Michael R. Lacey
OC Jan C. Morales Gonzalez
OC John A. Randall
OC Frederick F. Shriner
OC Michael W. Wissehr

Naval Flight Officers

MIDN Connor J. Brechbill
OC Jonathan P. Gosselin
OC Michael R. Scarborough
OC Pierce D. Weller

Student Naval Aviators

OC Lee P. Brennan
MIDN Mark A. Pierce
MIDN John S. Roos
MIDN David H. Sturgis
MIDN Benjamin R. Wedewer

Civil Engineering Corps Officers

OC Nathan D. Cintula
OC Mike V. Guaigua

Intelligence Officer

OC Jonathan D. Puckett

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