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May 10, 2005

Graduation Day awards
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Class of 2005 - A profile

List of graduates

Life after graduation

           This month hundreds of new Citadel graduates leave the books and tests behind and head for jobs in the work world, the military or will continue their education in graduate or post-graduate school. Here's what some of them say they plan to do after graduation.

"I am going to Boston University for a masters in telecommunications (security). After that I go back to the Bahrain Army as a first lieutenant. GLAD TO BE DONE."
Salman Bahzad
Palmetto Battery

"I have a job with Ernst & Young."
Adam Basch
Mike Company

"I will be teaching middle school in the Charleston area."
Thomas Bedell
Kilo Company

"I will be a second lieutenant, Air Defense Artillery - Army and will be stationed in El Paso, Texas, at Fort Bliss. It has truly been a blessing to learn as much as I have while here at The Citadel. I feel like I know more about myself, how to interact and lead others. I hope to represent the whole concept and the values of The Citadel for the rest of my life."
William (Russell) Brown
November Company

" "I will be working for Campus Outreach on The Citadel campus next school year. I will be a campus minister then possibly in the next few years I may go to seminary. This experience was great and one that I will always cherish."
Peter Calogrides
Delta Company

"I will be in the U.S. Navy stationed in Norfolk, Va., as the auxiliaries officer on board a destroyer, USS Barry. Like everything else in life, you get out of The Citadel what you put into it. You could get by all four years doing the minimum, but in the end you have accomplished nothing. My advice to anyone that wants to take "the road less traveled" is to put everything you have into your experience. The Citadel has a lot to teach anyone that is willing to learn. "
William Carroll
Charlie Company

"After graduation I will be working as an account development representative with Blackbaud on Daniel Island. In addition to working, I will be attending Citadel graduate classes in the clinical psychology program. Not only have I had an amazing experience learning with such a diverse and wonderful group of cadets, but the faculty and staff have also been very influential. There was never a day when I felt that I had made a mistake by attending The Citadel and I know that I received an education from some of the most intellectual and caring professors. As I was once told "the task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you" and The Citadel experience and education truly is powerful. I am sincerely grateful and know that I am blessed."
Jhonna Casey
Kilo Compan

"I will live in Charleston and work as a mortgage broker on Daniel Island. "
Joe Chambers
Echo Company

"I will be a second lieutenant in the United States Army. "
David Chichetti
Golf Company

"I will commission into the Army where I plan to serve for a number of years before going back to graduate school. I hope to eventually complete a joint law degree/PhD in philosophy. It has been both a long and rewarding four years. I have learned lessons, made friends, and been offered opportunities that I would not have been blessed with anywhere else. I firmly believe that the time I spent at The Citadel will prove to be some of the most defining years of my life. "
Daniel Clinebelle
Charlie Company

"I will be traveling during the summer and some of August. Then I will be going to work either in Charleston, Wilmington, or Chile loading and unloading ships, and working my way up in the maritime industry. In the past two weeks I have figured out what I have gotten out of being at The Citadel for four years. On top of a very good education, I have learned to deal with almost any kind of situation that comes up in life. I have a lot of tours, and I am about to graduate. If there is anything in my life that I feel like I can't do, I can look back at my Citadel years and say to myself: "If you could do that, you can do anything."
Perry Collins
Golf Company

"I will be married to Sara Durnin on May 21st. I will be a lieutenant in the US Air Force. They are sending me to Germany for two more months for language immersion. Then my wife and I are headed to Robbins Air Force Base, Ga., where I will be stationed as an acquisitions officer. If I had it to do over again...I WOULD DO IT AGAIN! The bond I have with my classmates and graduates is a huge asset. The education I got was well worth the hardship. As the son of a West Pointer I am proud of my accomplishments and so is my family. "
Ryan Cuthbertson
Romeo Company

"I plan to take off semester and then attend nursing school at MUSC starting January 2006, and then get my masters degree in nurse anesthesia."
Samuel Davis
Echo Company

"I am off to U.S. Air Force flight training at Moody Air Force Base."
Jeff Dupuis
Kilo Company

"I plan to take a semester off, working as a clerk for Virginia Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis the go to law school at Birmingham.
David Eubanks
Band Company

"I plan to enter the automotive industry upon graduation beginning as a dealer then possibly continuing onto corporate. I also eventually look to attain my MBA. It has been a tough four years, but it has changed my life for the better. I feel prepared to encounter any hardships that come my way."
Javier Fernandez
Regimental Band

"I plan to start working in a month, and then start my MBA in the fall. The biggest thing that I have learned has been to deal with change. Over the years the class of 2005 has seen many changes, and had many of those brought on us at the last minute."
Nicholas Frantz
Alpha Company

"I am moving to Mayport, Fla., where I will be an ensign in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Philippine Sea. During this time, I plan to further my education whenever possible. I had a lot of fun with my experiences here and tried to make the most of it all. I am definitely looking forward to taking on the new challenges wherever the Navy will take me. "
Joseph Hamilton
India Company

"After graduation I will be heading off to LDAC at Ft. Lewis, Washington, where upon successful completion I will gain a commission into the U.S. Army. From there I will have to wait until late October/November for my branch assignment and my OBC date. If I obtain the branch assignment that I requested, I will go to physical therapy school at Baylor University, who shares the Army's physical therapy program. Upon graduating from there, I will serve in the Army for 54 months, roughly 4.5 years until I come upon the decision on whether to stay in the service or attempt life in the civilian sector. The Citadel has done wonders for my academics and my overall growth as a person. Compared to my friends and peers who attend other colleges, and even colleges who claim that they are tougher on paper, I feel that I am head and shoulders more prepared for the real world than they wish to be in five years after they decide to graduate. I believe the regimented lifestyle that I have undergone while at The Citadel, has served me well in preparation in the Army as well as the real world. If someone was wondering whether or not they should attend The Citadel and truly cared for their future and the long term, they would definitely be benefited by attend this institution. My friends and peers and other colleges and universities were not looking at the long term when making the decision on whether to attend a school for academics and its ability to prepare for life, they made the decision based on the short term fun that they would have at other schools, which has caused them to fall behind academically and/or caused them trouble in other facets of their lives. And by saying this I am not eluding to the fact that we do no have fun, because it has been a long known fact that the South Carolina Corps of Cadets can do it as well if not better than anyone and in less time. I would like to thank the school for the intangibles that I could not have possibly gained at any other school."
Justin Helfer
Bravo Company

"I have received a teaching assistantship at the University of Colorado at Boulder and will begin to work on my MA in Germanic and Slavic languages in August."
Travis Hutchins
Mike Company

"Going home to Hawaii, try to get a job "
Keali'iho'oululahui Ichimura
Foxtrot Company

"In August 2005 I will be attending law school at the Appalachian School of Law in Virginia. I plan to graduate and join a federal criminal prosecution office, or a position in a federal law enforcement agency. "
Christopher Jackson
Band Company

"I am going to work for W. Lee Flowers Inc., a food distribution center for IGA grocery stores. "
James Johnson
Golf Company

"I will hopefully get a commission in the S.C. National Guard and start a career in financial advising/consulting in Charleston. I am also getting married at the end of July. My years at The Citadel have taught me to never give up, whatever the situation might be. Also the importance of doing the right thing, always, especially when there isn't anyone around. I also know that there are going to be people in positions higher or lower than you that really get to you, but you sometimes have to keep your mouth shut and keep going."
Jonathan Knight
Echo Company

"I will be working for Post, Buckley, Schuh and Jernigan in Columbia, S.C., doing roadway design. "
Ben Lewis
Kilo Company

"I will be commissioned in U.S. Army FAOBC - Ft. Sill Oklahoma Ranger School - Ft. Benning, Ga., 4th Infantry Division - Ft. Hood, Texas."
Jason MacConnell
Golf Company

"I plan to attend graduate school and wrestle."
Sean Markey
Delta Company

"I will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and serve as an intelligence officer. I will report to Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas, sometime over the summer to begin training. In the meantime, I am going home to New York to relax and visit family. It's been an amazing journey; I've made some great friends here and had some incredible experiences. It has been a lot of hard work, but I would say it's been worth it."
Nicholas Mazula
Golf Company

"I will be traveling with the Champions Tour (PGA Tour)."
Mary Nguyen
India Company

"I am going into the United States Marine Corps, reporting in to HQMC on the 8th of May and TBS on the 16th of June."
Philip Palmer
Delta Company

"I am getting commissioned into the Marine Corps as a second lieutenant. I am going to The Basic School at Quantico, Va., then I am going to Pensacola, Fla., for flight school."
Gray Payne
Tango Company

"I plan on taking a commissioning in the Army. While I was a I got branched engineers and I am very excited about this new experience."
Travis Pride
November Company

"After graduation I will be staying in Charleston working as an account executive with the Charleston City Paper."
Audra Ritchie
Bravo Company

"I plan on working for United Insurance Company as a sales rep. I plan to remain here in Charleston."
Tara Russell
Alpha Company

"I will be attending Officer's Candidate School at Quantico, Va., and plan to be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in July. "
Drew Schildwachter
Kilo Company

"I plan on attending medical school in the fall."
Joe Siegel
Foxtrot Company

"I plan to stay somewhere in the South Carolina or North Carolina area working for a public accounting firm."
Carl Smoak
Foxtrot Company

"I'm commissioning with the Marine Corps but I don't report to TBS until November, so I'm spending three weeks in Europe and I'm camping and hiking a lot. I'll probably end up back in Charleston in late summer, working downtown. Academics for me were priority #1. It's easy to get caught up in all the other aspects of being a , such as shining and developing friendships that will last a lifetime, but this is still a college. If you decide to hold rank, which I recommend, make sure to take care of your people, put their needs above yours and see that they are taken care of. There are a lot of negative aspects to holding rank, like doing the right thing, even when you really don't want to, but those times help build character and prepare you for future decisions where it will really matter in the real world. Just because you've completed knob year doesn't mean you can throw in the towel, it's only 1/4 of your career. Some may remember the "great" things you did as a knob, but that can easily be overshadowed by three years as a worthless upperclassman. Make as much out of this school as you can, because you only get to do it once and when it's all said and done with, you won't want to look back with any regrets."
Randall Stamper
Hotel Company

"I will be commissiong into the Army. Take the time and reflect on all you've done. Once you do this, you will see that it truly an amazing experience."
Mary Thornton
November Company

"I will be going to Officer Candidate School (OCS) June 5. Upon graduation in August I will be commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer. The Citadel is whatever you want to make it. It can be an easy four years or it can be the most challenging time of your life. I am satisfied and will soon graduate having no regrets about my career."
Matt Verdin
Tango Company

"I will be commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marines and will be going off to the Basic School in November for initial training."
Caleb Wells
Band Company

"I plan on finding a job while I'm trying to get into MUSC for cardiovascular perfusion. The education and training that we receive here in the classroom and in our day-to-day lives is second to none. We are prepared for the real world like none other."
Julian West
Lima Company

"Maybe master's in hospital administration; maybe a master's in physical therapy maybe... As for my time here, I learned if you do your part and work hard for four years, this school will take you places beyond your wildest imagination."
Kedron Young
Charlie Company

"I am going to go to school for one more class this summer. I am planning on working with my dad after that in the insurance business. The Citadel experience has been the best thing that has ever happened to me."
Robert Zobel
Alpha Company

My plans after graduation are to work for a local car dealership. I need three years sales experience for the consultant job I want with GM. My fiance and I are getting married June 4th in Summerall Chapel, with a reception at the Citadel Beach House. She graduated last year from C of C and teaches 7th grade math and science at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant.
Patrick Hall
Kilo Company

"I am going into the Army. I am really excited and plan on going to the 82nd Airborne Division in Ft. Bragg, N.C."
Phillip Howard Lukens
November Company

"After graduation I will be teaching science and coaching volleyball and softball at Mid Carolina High School, which is located in Newberry County."
Olivia Katie Livingston
India Company

"After graduation, I will report to Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Marine Corps in June. Whether I spend four years in the Marine Corps or a make it a career, I am not sure."
Kevin J. Young
Mike Company

"I will be commissioned in the U.S. Navy as an ensign and will be attending flight school in Pensacola, Fla., for pilot training.
Kyle Newell O'Donohoe
Romeo Company

"After graduation, I plan to stay in the Charleston area and pursue a career in banking. After a year of working, I would like to attend graduate school and eventually pursue a Ph.D. in business."
Matthew Walton Glover
Lima Company

"I will be commissioned in U.S. Navy and stationed on the USS Taylor out of
Chad A. Morin
Lima Company

"I will be backpacking Europe for an unknown amount of time."
Jason Bonner
India Company

Not only am I ready to start the next phase of my life but it is time for me to get off my mother's payroll as well! After graduation I will be working for BellSouth Telecommunications Inc. as an installation and maintenance manager. I will either be located in Shreveport, La., Atlanta, Ga. My mother worked for BellSouth for over
30 years and opened doors for me that I felt it is time to implement that plan and walk through those doors. The Citadel has done a great job in preparing me in several ways. As a member of the football team, athletics have taught me the value of teamwork and the responsibilities of being a leader as well as a follower. Being a part of Toastmasters, has helped me develop speaking skills that are necessary in management, business, and life in general. The school has also taught me the importance of patience, time management, organization, and discipline. I'm excited to step of in the real world and make a difference.
Doug Chandler
India Company

"I will be commissioning in to the Marine Corps. On 16 June I will report to Quantico, Va., for TBS. From there, who knows? The Citadel has played a pivotal role in preparing me for the challenges of being an officer. It has refined my organizational skills, taught me how to work effectively with people, and has helped to train both my mind and body for the rigors of running a unit.
Chad A. Buckel
Golf Company

"This summer I will be working as a bartender on Edisto Island while I wait to go to Officers' Basic Course). I will also be a second lieutenant in the S.C. Army National Guard. When I return from OBC I hope to pick up my bartending and attend graduate school at The Citadel, pursuing my masters in teaching and social science.
Robbie Kirk
November Company

"I am going into the Air Force after graduation. I am a personnel officer and I am going to F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming."
Chris Grady
Lima Company

"I received an educational deferment from the Army and will be attending law school in Saint Paul, Minn. After graduating from law school, I will enter the Army JAG Corps and make a career from there."
Joshua Patrick Scheel
India Company

"I couldn't be more excited about my plans. I'm getting commisioned as an ensign in the Navy on the 6th, then 20 days after we graduate my fiance and I are getting married in The Citadel chapel. In June I report with my new wife to Pensacola for flight school. We are going to get a little rental house and two dogs and just enjoy the life.
Perry Eubank
Echo Company

"On May 6 I am getting commissioned into the United States Marine Corps in Summerall Chapel at 1800 p.m. I have orders to report to The Basic School at
Quantico, Va., on 16 June as a part of Delta Company. I am very excited about the opportunity to serve my country as a part of our nation's most elite fighting force.
John Dana Isaac
Kilo Company

"I will be working for a law firm in North Charleston as a legal secretary, and will hopefully advance further. I have considered law school, but want to get some good experience before I decide to do so. I am positive my degree from The Citadel put me one step ahead of the candidates that I was up against. Walking into my interview, my employer knew that I had been branded with honesty, integrity, and discipline that would last a lifetime. There is no doubt in my mind that my education and discipline I received from The Citadel helped me in my employment opportunities.
Kara Keiter
Bravo Company

"I will be going into the Marine Corps as a second lieutenant. I am very excited to be going into an organization of such discipline and rich culture and history! I might be pursuing a graduate degree later on in my career with the Marines but don't know yet what I will study. I have taken away much from The Citadel. It has shown me many good and bad examples of leadership and I hope to use that to better myself as a leader of Marines."
Caleb Wells
Regimental Band

"I will be going into the Army as an aviator and will be stationed at Ft. Rucker for the first year. I am extremely excited."
Samuel McGowan Price III
Foxtrot Company

"I'm going into the Army as a second lieutenant in the Medical Service Branch. Thus far I only know that I am going to be at Ft. Sam Houston for my OBC (training) but hope to be a platoon leader attached to a combat arms unit."
Sebastian T. Padron
India Company

"I am commissioning with the Army on May 6th. Branched Medical Service Corps.
I find out at the end of May if I get the MEDEVAC pilot slot."
Nolan Roggenkamp
Oscar Company

"After graduation I will be working as a electrical engineer at the Space and Naval Weapons Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) in North Charleston and residing in Goose Creek."
Thomas Russ Sessions
Golf Company

"I will be commissioned in the U.S. Army, branched aviation. I will be going to
Ft. Rucker, Ala., for flight school."
Matthew Kaplan
Romeo Company

I'll be attending Tulane University Law School in the fall. I'm thinking about international law, although I have no clue what I'll be interested in once I start school. Tulane has a student exchange program with the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and I may be interested in that. If nothing else, I do know that I'll enjoy New Orleans. The French Quarter will be better than The Citadel, and was one of the deciding factors in my decision to choose Tulane. I'm interested to see if there is any hope for time management and personal discipline in the Big Easy.
E. Deon Nelson
Tango Company

"I will be going back to my home state and then working in either North or South Carolina starting this June. I will also take grad classes in the evening in the area that I will be living."
Christopher Robert Grabowski
Palmetto Battery

"I will be working for a hedge fund management company in Manhattan called
International Fund Services, a subsidiary of State Street Bank. Prior to starting my job in late August, I plan to backpack around Europe."
Benjamin Mulkerin
India Company

I will be staying here in Charleston, my hometown, and will be going into the real estate business."
Billy Lee
Alpha Company

"I am going the University of South Carolina School of Law. The Citadel has helped me to prepare for anything in life. If I can wrestle, be in the corps of cadets, study and have good academics, and still have time to have a social life, I can handle anything that life can through at me."
Curtis Ryan McClester
Charlie Company

"After commencement on May 7, I will dive right into real estate. I will be living in the Summerville area but I will be doing work all over the Lowcountry. I will be going to work for Re/Max Realtors, office in Goose Creek.
Warren Ralph Phillips Jr.
Delta Company

"After graduation I will be attending Washington & Lee School of Law in Lexington, Va., and hope to eventually become a military lawyer."
Scott M. Somerset
Lima Company



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