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Commencement Week in Pictures

           Recognition Day is a momentous occasion in the life of a knob. It means the end for rigid formations, walking in single file at breakneck speed and the highly regimented way of life that is The Citadel's Fourth-Class System, the toughest college military training system in the country.

           Recognition Day begins much the way the first day of military training began back in August 2004 - with intense physical and mental challenges. At the end of the day Wednesday, May 4, the Fourth-Class System was canceled and knobs were recognized by their first names by all upperclassmen.

Knobs form up in preparation for the day's recognition day events.


Female knobs tough it out just like their male classmates during a Spirit Run that kicks off and concludes the Recognition Day ceremony.


Knobs are joined by upperclass cadets on Summerall Field is group situps. The key to doing these well is everyone pulling their weight.


Band Company upperclassmen wait for their knobs to return to Second Battalion for recognition.



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