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For Release
June 5, 2004

The Citadel's fees will increase an average of 6.8 percent

           The Citadel Board of Visitors during its regular meeting on Saturday, June 5, 2004, approved an increase in tuition and educational fees effective for the 2004-2005 academic year.

           Mandatory tuition, auxiliary and college fees will increase an average of 6.8 percent for the Corps of Cadets and 5 percent for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

           The increase will offset state budget cuts and increased operating expenses, including a plan to address issues of employee pay equity. A study by Palmer & Cay consulting firm found that many employees were subject to wage compression - a circumstance created when new hires are paid nearly as much or more than long-time workers with the same credentials doing similar work. The consultant said that addressing pay equity issues for faculty and staff could cost the college more than $700,000.

           "Pay compression is common in the public sector where institutions are unable to keep up with wage pressures in the marketplace," said Karen Collins, a Palmer & Cay consultant. "When institutions are forced by the market to pay more for new workers and do not adjust the pay of current employees in the same jobs, you have pay compression."

           Citadel President Maj. Gen. John Grinalds stated his commitment to pay equity in a memo to faculty and staff in March.

           Since 2001, state support for The Citadel has decreased $5 million. To keep tuition hikes at a minimum, the college has cut athletic teams and travel and telephone budgets, deferred necessary facility maintenance and delayed hiring new employees or eliminated positions to save money. Employees have not received pay or merit raises for the last two years.

           "The college has few alternatives for raising revenue," said Curt Holland, vice president for finance and business affairs. "In addition to tuition and fee increases, the freshman class will increase by about 100 students in the fall. But despite the increase, the costs of attending The Citadel remain below the state average and the quality of a Citadel education remains a bargain."

           Mandatory fees, which include registration, tuition, college fees and athletic fees, will increase from $4,999 to $5,900 for in-state students and from $13,410 to $14,518 for out-of-state students.

           The Citadel's cost to parents and students also includes auxiliary fees for such things as room, board, laundry/dry cleaning and infirmary use. Also included are costs for uniforms, books and living expenses, such as haircuts and toiletries. While other colleges may not collect fees such as these up front, they are comparable to things students would pay for over the year at other colleges or universities. As a result, the grand total of all costs associated with attending The Citadel in the Corps of Cadets for 2004-2005 is broken out as follows:

  In-State   Out-of-State  
Freshmen $16,712 ($15,655) $25,330 ($24,066)
Upperclass $13,142 ($12,295) $21,760 ($20,706)

*Numbers in parenthesis are for 2003-2004.

           Students enrolled in The Citadel's College of Graduate and Professional Studies also will pay more per credit hour in the fall:

  In-State   Out-of-State  
Graduate $216 ($206) $402 ($383)
Undergraduate $182 ($173) $365 ($348)
Professional Development $80 ($76) $276 ($263)

*Numbers in parenthesis are for 2003-2004.




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