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Citadel News Service

June 7, 2004

Stadium renovation stops; other options being explored

           The Citadel will cease further work to renovate the existing Johnson Hagood Stadium to explore joint options with the public and private sector that would allow a bowl game and other Citadel and community sporting events to come to the city of Charleston.

           The Board of Visitors, the college's governing body, on Saturday June 5, 2004, accepted the recommendation of its athletic committee to hold off on further stadium work until Sept. 30.

           Work to excavate graves under the old west side stands will continue. Regardless of the future use of Johnson Hagood stadium, the graves should be removed and the bodies properly buried elsewhere. Brockington Associates in Mount Pleasant, a local archeological firm, is heading up the effort.

          During its regular meeting June 5, the BOV approved the following resolution:

           We recommend the Board of Visitors approve the following strategy related to the football stadium rebuilding project:

  • Place an immediate hold on engineering and construction activities for Johnson Hagood Stadium while Stony Field option is being reviewed.
  • Approve a two-year construction timeline for the stadium project. (Athletic Department will document a financial operating strategy for the 2004 and 2005 football seasons. The financial activities will be included in the approved college budget.
  • Commit The Citadel to spend only $15 million (includes National Guard funds) for Stoney Field option. (These funds are for "The Citadel Section" of the stadium.)

           By 30 September 2004, the following items must be obtained for the Stoney Field option to continue:


  • Formal approval of Stoney Field option from the City of Charleston Council.
  • Formal agreement with City of Charleston specifying land and construction issues.


  • Secure matching funds required by the National Guard appropriations.
  • Secure commitments to match the $2 million challenge fund of a current donor.
  • Memorandum of understanding with third parties specifying fundraising responsibilities of each participant for the Stoney Field option.

Construction and related costs:

  • Estimates/proposals for completing "The Citadel Section" of the stadium at Stoney Field (17,500 permanent seats, 5,000 temporary seats).
  • Estimates and costs for constructing a track at Johnson Hagood and Stoney Field.




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