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May 3, 2004

Life after The Citadel

This month hundreds of new Citadel graduates - both cadet and College of Graduate and Professional Studies students - will leave the books and tests behind and head for jobs in the work world, the military or continue their education in graduate or post-graduate school. Here's what some of them say they plan to do after graduation.

South Carolina Corps of Cadets

"I have big plans for the month of May. We graduate on the 8th, then the following weekend on the 16th I am getting married at Summerall Chapel! Then this summer, I am moving to Washington D.C. I have been selected to work with the National Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon. I plan to work with the Intelligence community to aid in our countries national security and operational planning. As of now I am not aware of my position, but I have been told I might be an entry-level analyst or a language specialist. Hopefully after all my background check is cleared I will find out."

Marilyn F. Castro-Perez
November Co.
Reading, Pa.
Political Science - International Politics

"After graduation I have my plans pretty much set. I am from Greenville, S.C., and I am Oscar Company's academic officer. I am getting married to Jennifer McCormick on July 3 in Lancaster, S.C. From then on I will work for Milliken & Co. as an entry-level process improvement manager. My job is located in Lavonia, Ga., but I will be moving with my future wife to the Anderson, S.C., area, where she will become an elementary school teacher.

Jeff Braeunig
Oscar Company
Business Administration
Greenville, S.C.

"To celebrate graduation, a good friend and I are driving out West for six weeks. We will be backpacking and climbing through five national parks: the Grand Canyon (AZ), Great Basin (NV), Grand Teton (WY), Yellowstone (WY) and Glacier (MT). As for the future, I will be starting graduate school at Cornell University in late August. I will be working towards a masters degree in Computer Science."

Patrick C. Reilly
1st Battalion Commander
Computer Science
Boston, N.Y.

"My plans after graduation are to work for local law enforcement while attending graduate school at Charleston Southern University in pursuit of a MS in Criminal Justice. All that matters is that I celebrate graduation with my friends, family, and classmates."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Conrad Sands Stayton
Kilo Company
Criminal Justice
Pinopolis, S.C.

"I will be attending grad school here at The Citadel, in the MBA program."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Rose Rodriguez
Charlie Company
Women's Track Team Captain
Oviedo, Florida

"In late October, I accepted a job offer from Wachovia Securities (Corporate Investment Bank). I will be an Investment Banking Financial Analyst for Wachovia Securities in the "Mergers and Acquisitions/Financial Sponsors" group. On June 2, 2004, I will begin a 5-week analyst-training program. After completion, I will begin working full time at Wachovia's corporate headquarters in Charlotte, N.C."

Philip T. Medico III
2nd Battalion Commander
Business Administration
Coral Springs, Fla.

"I will commission into the Air Force and be going to Robins Air Force Base while awaiting flight school."

Cadet Maj. Andrew C. Krisel
Regimental Athletic Officer
Civil engineering
Athens, Ga.

"I will be going to graduate school here at The Citadel to get my MBA."

Manken Chigawa, Jr.
Foxtrot Company
Business Administration
Malawi, Africa

"Following graduation, I will be attending the Charleston School of Law and will be scheduled to graduate with the class of 2007. The school is brand new and I will be a member of the first class.

Cadet 2nd Lt. Robert Brady Vannoy
Delta Company Athletic Officer
Spartanburg, S.C.

"I will be teaching in the Charleston area as well as joining the Army Reserves for five years, at which time I will go full time active duty, retire, teach some more, retire again, and open a restaurant."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Travis Shelby
Kilo Company
Summerville, S.C.

"I will be commissioning with the Air Force. I will be going to San Angelo, Texas, for military intelligence training."

Cadet 2nd Lt. George Taylor
November Co.
Laurens, S.C.

"I will be commissioned as an ensign (O-1) in U.S. Navy, reporting to flight school in July in hopes of becoming a Naval aviator. Maybe one day returning to college to get a Masters in English or go to Law School. Live life as best as possible."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Nathan C. Potter
Golf Co.
English Major, Minor in International and Military Affairs
Virginia Beach, Va.

"On May 22, 2004, I will be marrying my fiancé and best friend Katherine Aiken. Following the wedding we will be moving to Atlanta, Ga. I have been accepted into the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Computing where I will be working on my M.S. in Computer Science with an emphasis in robotics. I plan to work towards a P.H.D. in this field following my master's."

Cadet Maj. Jeffrey Joseph Hoerl Jr.
Regimental ITS officer
Computer Science
Walterboro, S.C.

"I will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. I have
orders to Quantico, Va., to attend The Basic School."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Ricardo S. Flores
F-Troop Platoon Commander
El Monte, Calif.

"I am moving to Bavaria in Germany to start an Internet and Gaming Cafe called Sportsworld: The Gamers Paradise. I and '03 grad Chris Smith will be owners. People come in, have a coffee, a beer and play X-Box and use the Internet."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Zach Kimble
Tango Co
Criminal Justice/German
Fallon, Nev.

"I will be commissioned in the Marine Corps upon graduation day."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Thomas H. Welsh Jr.
Hotel Company
Criminal Justice
Baltimore, Md.

"After graduation, I will go back to Europe and play professional basketball while taking a few classes online for my masters in electrical engineering."

Max Mombollet
Charlie Company
Electrical engineering
Oveida, Fla.

"After graduation I will be a high school social studies teacher and soccer coach in Charleston County."

Cadet Capt. Jermaine Joyner
1st Battalion Academic Officer
Charlie Company
North Charleston, S.C.

"I will be commissioned in the Army as a 2/Lt. and I will be going into the Medical Service Corps. My first duty station is Ft. Knox, Ky., where I will be helping out with the Leadership Training Camp, and then I have to attend my Officer Basic Course on September 12th at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. I have not yet received my permanent duty station."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Kenneth M. Reed Jr.
Regimental Pipe Band Drum Major
Band Company
Port Norris, N.J.

"After graduation I am accepting a commission in the USAF Reserves (Security Forces) at Dobins, Air Reserve Base in Atlanta, Ga. After training in the fall I hope to attend MUSC and get a master's degree in either physical therapy or Nursing."

Bryan Studebaker
India Company
Physical Education
Irmo, S.C.

"When I graduate I will be commissioned in the Air Force and going to Goodfellow AFB the week after graduation for Intelligence Officer's School. I then hope to get stationed somewhere in the Air Combat Command and eventually work for either the FBI or CIA doing counter terrorist operations."

Cadet Capt. Kyle Bozarth
Echo Company
Electrical Engineering
Gambrills, Md.

"Following my graduation from The Citadel, I will be attending law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill."

Cadet Capt. Jim Senter
2nd Battalion Adjutant
Albemarle, N.C.

"I am an aspiring law school student (waiting acceptance to South Carolina and Charleston). Three days after graduation I will leave to go backpacking through Europe, ending up in Germany with my brother ('03) who is stationed at Ramstein AFB. When I return in mid-July I hope to be getting ready for law school."

Cadet 1st Lt. Thomas "Hunter" Reid
Criminal Justice
Charlie Co. Academic Officer
Greenville, S.C.

"I plan to go home for three months and make some money to help fund a three-month, possibly four-month, trip to Europe to backpack and see the world. After that come home in December and find a job. The rest I have no idea about."

Cadet 2nd Lt. Jared Spencer Kohl
November Co.
Business Administration
Alphraretta, Ga.

"I'll be commissioned into the Army's Transportation Corps after graduation. Soon to follow I'm getting married on May 16th and I report to Ft. Eustis, Va., for Officer's Basic Course on June 20th."

Justin Rauschenberg
November Co.
Business Administration
Dahlonega, Ga.

"After receiving a commission in the U.S. Army and graduating from The Citadel, I will attend the University of Akron School of Law."

Cadet Capt. Shaun Haynam
Honor Committee Chairman
Oscar Company
Cleveland, Ohio

"During the summer I am going to work at an electrical engineering consulting firm in Columbia, S.C., as an entry level engineer. In August I will be attending the Charleston School of Law to focus on intellectual property law."

Cadet Capt. Jason A. Pittman
Regimental Pipe Major
Band Company
Electrical engineering
Columbia, S.C.


College of Graduate and Professional Studies

"After graduation I plan on carrying on my life as it was before. As a retired military member, I wanted to earn a master's degree for self-fulfillment. And although it is not inconceivable that I make an employment change--that was not a motivating factor in pursuing my educational goal. I further wanted to accomplish this goal to motivate my sons - sort of "if I can do it, you can do" type thing.

Joe Crawford
MAE Social Sciences
Summerville, S.C.

"My husband and I have been blessed with three boys, George 6, John 5, and Matthew age 3. My graduation Sunday, May 2nd is a celebration for all and represents the sacrifices and hard work each was able to achieve. My Citadel MAT [Social Studies] degree is a life saving career change after 16 years in the legal profession. It is a "dreams come" true that will allow me to finally be entering the classroom. I will be teaching at Alice Birney Middle School in North Charleston and consider it my privilege to be working with the children and their families within that school's community. They have been too long underestimated. They are very inspiring for me to bring into the classroom my absolute finest! I look forward to the school calendar too, which will afford me much more family time! Thank you Citadel."

Carolyn Angeski Kyzer
MAT, Secondary Education, Social Studies
North Charleston, S.C.

"I decided to attend the Citadel because of its excellent reputation throughout South Carolina. I am proud of the Masters Degree I have earned, and I will always respect the faculty who taught me what it takes to become a stronger person through education."

Scott D. Fricano
MAE Social Sciences
Charleston, S.C.

"My goal was career enhancement with my current employer."

Paul W. Foster
Electrical Engineering
Charleston, S.C.

"I'm a second grade teacher at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School. This was my third year of teaching and I still love my job. I attended The Citadel to earn my Masters in Teaching-Reading. I wanted to open new doors for myself in my teaching career. I do love teaching second grade but I would love to be a reading teacher for first and second graders. I plan to continue living in Charleston and teaching at Ashley River for as long as they'll have me."

Janelle Fedrich
MED Reading Education
Charleston, S.C.

"I'm staying in existing career as a financial advisor.

Paul Comer
Mount Pleasant, S.C.

"I have taken the last four years going to school at night to earn my M.A.T. so that I can teach secondary social studies and coach high school basketball. After graduating 2000 with a B.A. History from Furman University I came to the Lowcountry to teach and was not hired as a high school teacher because I was not state certified. I worked full-time during the entire four years and I think the graduate program at The Citadel is wonderful for working students! I have already been hired as a teacher for the 2004-2005 school year at Cario Middle School. I will be back in a year or two to start the school administration program at The Citadel."

Arthur Ryan Giles
MAT, Secondary Education
Mount Pleasant, S.C.

"Career change. My current occupation is as a graduate assistant in The Citadel School of Business. My post-graduation occupation will be as a consultant for IBM Business Consulting in Washington, D.C."

Keith Bantle
Mount Pleasant, S.C.

"I've gotten a fellowship to pursue my Ph.D. in History at Tulane, starting this fall. I will specialize in 19th century southern women's history."

Nancy Stockton
M.A. in History
Charleston, S.C.






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