The Military College of South Carolina
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Citadel News Service

12 September 2003

Information for parents regarding The Citadel's hurricane preparedness

The Citadel's hurricane operations plan includes step-by-step preparations The Citadel will take as a hurricane approaches.

In the unlikely event that orders to evacuate come from local government officials, the college has detailed plans to get all cadets away from the Charleston peninsula. Each cadet company is responsible for seeing that all cadets have a place to go and, if necessary, transportation to get there. Cadets who do not have cars or transportation are assigned other cadets to travel with.

Each company maintains a roster of outbound cadets and the Commandant's Department also maintains a roster. Every cadet is accounted for.

If a hurricane does become a threat to the campus, The Citadel's website ( will be updated as frequently as new information becomes available. This includes any changes to class schedules for cadets or CGPS students. Such information will also be transmitted to the local news media.

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