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For Release
February 1, 2004

Cadet information governed by privacy laws

The Citadel frequently receives inquiries from the media and the general public about specific cadets.

The college's ability to answer questions about any student is limited by federal laws that specifically define what information can be shared without permission. Like other colleges, The Citadel can release facts that are considered directory information - name, hometown, company, class or awards - unless a cadet has specifically asked us to withhold such information. The college must get permission from a cadet before giving out other types of information.

The law protecting a student's privacy is known as FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and applies to all requests even when the person inquiring is a parent or relative.

Another federal law dealing with medical information, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), strictly controls access to medical information. Consequently the college is unable to comment on individual cases of illness, injury, pregnancy or other medical conditions.

Inquiries coming to The Citadel's Public Affairs Office range from questions about disciplinary matters or educational records to inquiries on health issues.

The college responds to inquiries about individual cases by explaining our policies and procedures. The rules governing cadet life can be found online in the following documents:

  • The Red Book - 4th Class System
  • White Book - Academic, athletic, schedules and personal appearance policies
  • Blue Book - Rules and regulations governing cadet life
  • Green Book - Punishments.

Many of The Citadel's policies relating to women are governed by Title IX, a law that prohibits discrimination by sex in any college policies or programs.

For more information contact the Public Affairs Office at 843.953.6779 or


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