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May 10, 2003

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South Carolina Corps of Cadets
The Class of 2003
A Profile


  The Long Gray Line

          The estimated 370 cadets and six active-duty military students who are candidates for graduation today come from 37 states and eight other countries. South Carolina is the most heavily represented state in the class with 131 students walking across the stage followed by Florida (21), Georgia (20) and North Carolina (16).

          Candidates for graduation reflect The Citadel's strength in business as the top choice of majors. The top five majors in the Class of 2003 were 131 in business administration, 38 in criminal justice, 31 in political science, 27 in history, and 20 in engineering.

          Demographically, the Corps of Cadets Class of 2003 includes about 11 women. Racially there are 30 African-Americans, 15 Hispanics, 11 international students and three Asians.

          Roughly 114 members of the Class of 2003 are candidates to receive a commission in the U.S. Armed Forces: Army – 41, Air Force – 42, Navy – 19 and Marines – 18.

          The Citadel maintains a 60 percent graduation rate – a statistic that indicates what percentage of students earns their undergraduate degree four years after entering the institution. Despite the rigors of a military-style program, The Citadel’s four and five-year graduation rates have consistently been the highest among all state colleges and universities in South Carolina.



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