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Citadel News Service

Fourth class training begins

August 20, 2001, a muggy summer day in Charleston with sometimes-torrential afternoon thunderstorms, was the first day of military training for The Citadels Class of 2005.

Clad in PTs (physical training uniforms consisting of shorts, T-shirt and shoes), the 603 cadets who reported to the military college Saturday began their first day of training with a reveille call at 5:20 a.m. Some 91 freshmen athletes arrived on campus August 1, making the total class size around 700.

Following remarks from Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Emory Mace and Regimental Commander Cadet Col. BJ Cox, the fourth-class processing began. Units of cadets took turns going to the barbershop for haircuts, the post office to get mailbox assignments, the cadet store for books and supplies, and the tailor shop for uniform fitting.

The red and white quadrangles of all the barracks' battalions were filled with groups of new cadets, breaking in their leathers (black leather oxford military shoes) and carrying water bottles to keep hydrated. One minute they were doing push-ups; the next, they were learning movements (left face, right face, about face, and the hand salute). They learned how to march in step and sound off. In their rooms, they learned the proper order of everything--from their socks to their bunks made military style.

By 1800 (that's 6 p.m.), they had donned new duty uniforms and were being sworn in as members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. The ceremony, usually held on the parade ground, was moved inside McAlister Field House because of lightning and thunderous downpours. The week-long training commanded by a group of upper class cadets known as "cadre" takes place every year before classes start. This year, classes begin August 29.

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