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February 27, 2001

  Chemistry is magnifying


Capt. Kevin Crawford (left) of the chemistry department (pictured with Lt. Col. John Peeples) is delighted with KryoTech's gift.

      With the help of KryoTech, a manufacturer of cooling subsystems for high performance electronic equipment in West Columbia, The Citadel Chemistry Department is magnifying—300,000 times!

          KryoTech recently donated two pieces equipment valued at more than $50,000. The first, a scanning electron microscope (SEM), magnifies objects up to 300,000 times their original size and makes a Polaroid print of the image. If youve ever seen an image of the hair on an insect or the eyes of a fly, youve seen what this microscope can do. It also has an attachment that can characterize the distribution of different elements in the object. The SEM will be housed in the chemistry department, but will also be used by biology, physics, electrical and civil engineering, and education.

          The other piece of equipment is a Nicolet Magna-IR, which is used to characterize organic molecules and give information about the functional groups present in a molecular structure. A microscope attachment identifies small crystals individually. There is also an extensive searchable library of compounds to match unknowns.

          Lt. Col. John Peeples, one of the five founders of KryoTech and a professor of electrical and computer engineering at The Citadel, initiated the gift: "As a Citadel graduate [70] and now faculty member, I was impressed with the capability of our chemistry department labs, especially that of Capt. [Kevin] Crawford. KryoTechs CEO, Al Quick, and I feel that the equipment will be more fully utilized in this setting."


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