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CHARLESTON, S.C., Sept. 10.--Citadel professor and dean Col. David H. Reilly, Ed.D., recently published Education: The Captive Profession, a book that describes the theory and practice of educational reform and suggests ways to improve educational outcomes.

     Education: The Captive Profession proposes that the causes of education's failures are to be found in the captive status of an institution bound by political, economic and special interest groups. Reilly advocates that educators have shared authority and responsibility for developing policies, for allocating resources and for determining the mission priorities, outcomes and practices of education. Forty-seven specific changes are recommended to accomplish this reform.

     Dr. Reilly is the Dean of The Citadel's College of Graduate and Professional Studies, as well as professor for the Education and Psychology Departments. Education: The Captive Profession (422 pp.) is published by Ashgate Publishing Company.


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