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Citadel News Service

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CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug. 25.--The following statement was issued today by Beth Summerford, Head Nurse at The Citadel Infirmary, in response to accusations made by Shannon Faulkner during the telecast of ABC's "Prime Time Live" on Wednesday evening, August 23.

     "Shame on Shannon Faulkner. We, The Citadel Infirmary Staff, await her retraction and apology.

     "Ms. Faulkner was our patient at her own request for four and one-half days. During that time we cared for her, bathed her, waited on her, and answered her every request. We sat with her for hours, we talked with her parents, we cleaned up for her, and we gave her every test indicated, including sending her to Roper Hospital for additional diagnostic testing. As she asked, we protected her privacy when the media and many others tried to invade it. We were her friends and we devoted many hours and much caring to her. She knows the unfairness and untruthfulness in implying that we caused her condition or made it worse.

     "How does she thank us? She goes on national television and blames us for her problems. The eight registered nurses working in The Citadel Infirmary have 78 years combined experience in college health nursing. How could she so viciously malign us?

     "Shame! She knows the truth and so do we."

Beth Summerford, R.N.
Head Nurse, The Citadel Infirmary,
and The Citadel Infirmary Staff.


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