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Citadel News Service
15 Dec 2008

Website gets a facelift

On Jan. 5, 2009, The Citadel will go live with a new website.  The new website will be more consistent, easier to navigate and more contemporary in appearance.

A new web publishing system will make it easier for our non-technical staff in many different departments to keep The Citadel’s web content as up to date as possible.

Prior to the launch, all members of The Citadel family are encouraged to explore the new website ( Please click on the green box found on each page to submit feedback.

In the months afterward, an ever-increasing number of Citadel websites will be absorbed into the new web publishing system.

More information for faculty and staff.

Update on Thu 2009-JAN-08:
We are still accepting feedback on the new web site. To make sure your feedback is considered by The Citadel’s web committee, please submit all feedback using this form: Thank you.


Answers to frequent questions (FAQ):

  1. Q: Can there be a "hidden" link for access to One-Stop on the home page? 
    A: Yes, go to the red navigation bar at the top of, select Faculty & Staff, Login Pages, then One Stop Desktop.
  2. Q: What about Exchange E-mail?
    A: Go to the red nav bar at the top of, select Faculty & Staff, Login Pages, then OWA. 
  3. Q: What about _____?
    A: For faculty and staff, the following links are found under on the red nav bar at the top of go to Faculty & Staff, then Login Pages, to see the following links: Blackboard, Class Absence, Kronos, One Stop Desktop, OWA, Pancho, PAWS, Special Orders, WebCT, and WISE. 
  4. Q: What happened to Quick Links?
    A: In place of the old Quick Links scrollbox, there are now three separate menus on the red nav bar at the top of that fulfill that same function:
    • Corps of Cadets > Login Pages
      ( Blackboard, Cadet OS&D, Cadet Sign-Out, DawgMail, PAWS )
    • Graduate College > Login Pages
      ( Blackboard, DawgMail, PAWS )
    • Faculty & Staff > Login Pages
      ( Blackboard, Class Absence, Kronos, One Stop Desktop, OWA, Pancho, PAWS, Special Orders, WebCT, WISE) 
  5. Q: When I click a link, why does nothing happen?
    A: Although all links to the new Citadel web site open in your main browser window, links back to older Citadel web sites, as well as links to external web sites, open in a separate "popup" window. If you have certain types of popup blocker software installed, this separate "popup" window may not appear. Here are the most common ways to fix this problem:
    1. Disable all of your popup blocker software. This is a bit extreme, but is the fastest workaround.
    2. Add to the "allowed list" for your popup blocker software. Most popup blocker software has an area where you can define exceptions. For some examples of how to do this, go to this web address:
    3. Use a special key sequence. In the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, if you hold down the control key (Apple key on Macs) while clicking the the link, the linked page will open in a separate tab in your browser. This gets around some popup blockers.


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