The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Leadership offers a unique integration of leadership-specific courses in a 36 credit-hour program. The program consists of the following course requirements, all of which can be taken online, while some are available to be taken in class on The Citadel campus.

Research Methods (6 hours)

PSCI-500 Seminar in Social Science


PSCI-501 Research Methods in Social Science


EDUC-512 Data Collection and Analysis

Human Behavior (6 hours)

PSYC-500 Human Growth and Development
PSYC-570 Social and Cognitive Foundations of Interpersonal Behavior

Leadership (24 hours)

LDRS-723 OR BADM-713 Communication for Leadership
BADM-722 Leadership in Organizations: Principles and Practices
LDRS-710 Ethics, Values and Principled Leadership
LDRS-711 Leading Change: Organization Development and Transformation
LDRS-712 Leading Teams: Coaching, Culture, Diversity, and Globalization
LDRS-713 Leadership Self-Appraisal, Development and Critical Thinking
LDRS-714 Strategic Leadership, Vision, Mission and Contemporary Issues
LDRS-715 Leadership Capstone Project

Elective (optional; 3 hours)

LDRS-716 Independent Study in Leadership
BADM-766 Human Resource Development

Upon completion of the Master of Science degree requirements, students may apply to graduate here.

Please refer to the current academic catalog for more information page 73.

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