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The Minor


A minor in French, German or Spanish will lead students to a deeper understanding of the culture of the people who speak the language. Students will also approach the degree of fluency and linguistic sophistication necessary to communicate effectively with native speakers. The requirements of the core curriculum (101, 102, 201 and 202), although providing a critical and necessary beginning, do not afford students the degrees of comprehension, fluency, and linguistic proficiency necessary to communicate effectively or compete in the international arena with native speakers.

Competencies, Knowledge, or Skills to be Achieved:

Students will develop aural comprehension and oral proficiency in the language that are not possible through the intermediate level. The minor also imparts knowledge of culture and literature that will lead to a deeper appreciation of people and institutions.

A student may not both major and minor in the same language; however, a major in one language and a minor in another is not only acceptable, but both common and very advantageous for motivated students who desire an edge in their future careers.

Structure of the Minor (French, German)
  1. Required Courses
    • a. 301 and 302 (in the chosen language)
    • b. at least one 400-level course (in the chosen language)
  2. Electives
    • Two advanced courses, i.e., courses numbered 300 and above (excluding LING 300 and MLNG 410 and 420)
Structure of the Minor (Spanish)
  1. Required Courses
    • a. SPAN 301 and 302
    • b. SPAN 305 or at least one 400-level course in Spanish
  2. Elective
    • One advanced course, i.e., a course numbered 300 and above (excluding LING 300 and MLNG 410 and 420).

Total Credit Hours Required: 15 semester hours of course work in one language at 300-level and above.

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