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Mary Cabezas

Mary Cabezas is Adjunct Professor of Spanish. She became interested in the Spanish language and culture in high school. She attended Aquinas High School in New York and then entered The City University of New York at Lehman College and majored in Spanish. Upon graduation, she secured a job in a local hospital where many of the clients were Hispanic. She developed her language skills and was accepted into the Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching at night; her day job complemented that course of study well and she graduated in several years.

She became a part of the new early childhood bilingual program and used song and dance to help her six-year-old students to reach the goal of fluency in English by the year's end.

Upon her marriage, Mary left New York and first worked for a defense contractor in southern Maryland before she was recruited to teach Spanish at the local high school in Leonardtown. She was instrumental in beginning the international summer travel program and the participation in the National Spanish Exam at that school, which medaled often in the annual competitions. Mary and her family relocated to Charleston, SC where she taught Spanish at several schools before obtaining her last high school position at The Academic Magnet High School which has, since 2006, been designated in "top ten" of the best U.S. high schools by Newsweek Magazine. While there, she continued entering students into various language contests (including The Citadel Poetry Contest) and chaired the school's committee for the annual local QUEST academic competition; AMHS won numerous medals in many categories.

Mary has been at The Citadel for 8 years and continues to sharpen her teaching skills.

Mary Cabezas, The Citadel

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M.A., Herbert Lehman College, CUNY
B.A., Herbert Lehman College, CUNY

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