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Departmental Awards

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Chinese Award: For outstanding minor or major in Chinese.
French Award
: For outstanding minor or major in French.

German Award: For outstanding minor or major in German.
Spanish Award: For outstanding minor or major in Spanish.
Order of Lafayette French Award: For an outstanding French minor or major who best embodies the Order of Lafayette's principles of patriotism, fraternity, "God, unity, peace, honor."
Childers Award: Pi Delta Phi recognition in memory of Shane - - Childers and for French student demonstrating the qualities of hard work and self-improvement that Shane embodied.
Gabriela Mistral Award: For outstanding student who is an active member of Sigma Delta Pi.
Le Gaulois Littéraire: For oustanding works in French published in the journal Le Gaulois Littéraire.

Miguel de Cervantes Award: Sigma Delta Pi honor for most improved Spanish minor or major.
Modern Languages Award: For outstanding minor or major in French, German or Spanish (discontinued in 2004).
El Campeador: For outstanding work in Spanish published in the journal El Cid (discontinued in 1997).


Chinese Award: Monica Paulk
French Award: Thomas Rogers
German Award:
 Keisha Pendery
Spanish Award:
Matthew Scalise

Other specific awards in French
Order of Lafayette:
Bret Seidler
Le Gaulois Littéraire: Intermediate level: James W. Snyder; Advanced level:John Kouten, Colin Scarborough, and Cesar Reyes 
Jacinto Reyes Award:
Grayson Cooper 

Other specific awards in German
Deutsche bruederlicher Bund
: Grace Jenkins
John Alexander Summer Stipend, Albert E. Gurganus Summer Study Stipend, and the German Friendly Summer Study Stipend: Conor Lenahan


Chinese Award: Brooks Wagstaff
French Award:
Lubor Cerva
German Award:
Brandon Yvan Bohrn
Spanish Award:
Matthew Bungarden 

Order of Lafayette: Luis Lawson
Le Gaulois Littéraire:
Intermediate level: Santiago Vega; Advanced level: Roecker Melick, Thomas Rogers, Anselme Subtil  and Max Toubiana  


Chinese Award: Joshua J. Scaife
French Award: Paul Sizemore
German Award: Nathaniel Madden
Spanish Award: Hugh Urey

Order of Lafayette: Maxime J. Curioz
Le Gaulois Littéraire: Elementary level: Lauren Seedor; Intermediate level: Fernando Gonzalez and Luis Lawson; Advanced Level: Lubor Cerva and Aimee Hoai T. Vo 


French Award: Maxime J. Curioz
German Award: Harry R. Edelman V
Spanish Award: Collin W. Hicks

Order of Lafayette: Nicholas C. Bates
Le Gaulois Littéraire: Intermediate level: Aimee Hoai T. Vo; Advanced level: Michael Whelan


French Award: Angela Yenca
German Award: Ryan Adams
Spanish Award: Harold Coats II

Order of Lafayette: William Owens
Le Gaulois Littéraire: Alexander Winton
Gabriela Mistral: Noah Koubenec 


French Award: Alex Byham
German Award: Edward Zur
Spanish Award: Louis Richard Doelling

Order of Lafayette: Julius Grady Siler V
Le Gaulois Littéraire: Jessica Park
Gabriela Mistral: Lana J. Moore
Miguel de Cervantes: Napoleon B. Dunn
Childers Award: John T. Marcus 


French Award: Julius Grady Siler V
German Award: Nichael Brian Kourkounakis
Spanish Award: Jared S. Newman

Order of Lafayette: John Daniel Lathers II
Le Gaulois Littéraire: Beginner level: Stephen Pepper; Intermediate level: Parker Stevens; Advanced level: Paul Kelly 


French Award: John North
German Award: Colette Baumle
Spanish Award: Brian Corbett

Le Gaulois Littéraire: Intermediate level: Jessica Park; Advanced level: Ryan Cail
Gabriela Mistral: Jared S. Newman 


French Award: Richard J. Terrio
German Award: Andrew L. Brooks
Spanish Award: Cassandra Cortés

Gabriela Mistral: Javier Román
Miguel de Cervantes: Amy Maddox


French Award: Ryan Cail
German Award: Travis Zane Hutchins
Spanish Award: Andrew Frey

Le Gaulois Littéraire: John North
Miguel de Cervantes: Charles Knisley


French Award: Samuel D. Joiner
German Award: Jeffrey J. Cunningham
Spanish Award: Brandon C. Hall

Gabriela Mistral: Harrison Groh


French Award: Freddy A. Morales
German Award: Ryan C. Bachman
Modern Languages Award: Anderson A. Stewart

Le Gaulois Littéraire: Chris Swett, D.S. Fisher, Freddy A. Morales
Gabriela Mistral: Joshua Robinson
Miguel de Cervantes: Anderson A. Stewart
Childers: Enrique Pyles-Canizales


French Award: John Anthony Campigotto
Spanish Award: Paul J. Swaim
Modern Languages Award: John Michael Alexander

Gabriela Mistral: Blanca Binstock
Miguel de Cervantes: Adrienne Watson


German Award: Nicholas Christian Sinclair
Spanish Award: George Edward Alvites
Modern Languages Award: Michel Bernard Walsdorff


French Award: Brian Holmes
German Award: Matthew J. Belcher
Modern Languages Award: Charles Hodges

Gabriela Mistral: Bradford Greer


French Award: Kevin Hazzard
German Award: Melanie de Santiago
Modern Languages Award: Jason Rochester

Le Gaulois Littéraire: Franco Castanuele, Markus Schnall, Charles Hodges


German Award: Jay Kaufman
Spanish Award: Joshua Jenkins
Modern Languages Award: Richard Engle

Le Gaulois Littéraire: Charles Kim, Fredric Marcinak, Brian Holmes
Gabriela Mistral: Joshua Jenkins


French Award: Richard Engle
Spanish Award: Will Evans
Modern Languages Award: Greg Jones

Le Gaulois Littéraire: Chad Nettle, Adam Hawkins


French Award: Ronald Jeremy Goeringer
German Award: Jon F. Hamilton
Modern Languages Award: Michael Concannon

Gabriela Mistral: Michael Concannon
El Campeador: Dwight McKabney Palomeras


German Award: Kelvin Richardson
Spanish Award: George Núñez
Modern Languages Award: J. H. Joye, Jr.

Gabriela Mistral: George Núñez
El Campeador: Ricardo R. Arango


French Award: Troy N. Tisue
Spanish Award: Eric J. Storch
Modern Languages Award: Matthew R. Lange

Gabriela Mistral: Oscar Tequida
El Campeador: George Núñez


French Award: James Taylor Johnson
Spanish Award: Douglas Nathanial Blue
Modern Languages Award: David French Liddle

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