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Foundation Requirements

Beginning Fall 2018, the MBA Essentials courses are required as part of the new curriculum so that all students enrolled in the MBA program will have the same level of knowledge in basic business competencies such as accounting, economics, finance, quantitative methods, marketing, and management. These courses will be required of all admitted MBA students regardless of their undergraduate coursework or professional experience.

Students admitted to the MBA program under previous curriculum requirements are to adhere to the requirements in place at the time of their admission to the MBA program. Current students who are unsure of their requirements should contact the MBA Advisor or Program Director for clarification.

In Fall 2017 the Baker School of Business Dean and MBA Director implemented a significant change in the MBA curriculum to streamline the program’s foundation course requirements and create a more efficient path towards degree completion for students that do not have an undergraduate degree in business administration. At that time two MBA Essentials courses replaced the previously required six foundation courses. The two MBA Essentials courses cover all foundation material for students without an undergraduate business degree. This change decreased the number of credit hours needed to complete the degree from 54 to 42 credit hours, providing a significant savings in time and cost.

In certain circumstances, students may satisfy the foundation material through undergraduate course equivalents and/or CLEP exams through College Board, depending on semester of admission and in consultation with the program advisor or the MBA Director.

MBA Essentials Courses (Beginning Fall 2017) Foundation Courses (Prior to Fall 2017) Undergraduate Course Equivalents at The Citadel Available CLEP Exams
MBA Essentials II BADM 601 Financial Accounting (BADM 211) Financial Accounting
BADM 604 Macroeconomics (BADM 201) and Microeconomics (BADM 202) Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics
BADM 605 Business Finance (BADM 321) No Equivalent
BADM 606 Probability and Statistics (BADM 205) and Operations Management (BADM 410) No Equivalent
MBA Essentials I BADM 607 Principles of Marketing (BADM 309) Principles of Marketing
BADM 609 Management and Organizational Behavior (BADM 338) Principles of Management
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