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CSCI 455: Artificial Intelligence

Course Description:

CSCI 455 Artificial Intelligence Three Credit Hours
Prerequisite: CSCI 223
A survey of artificial intelligence concepts, theory, and practice. Topics include AI languages, knowledge representation, search strategies, logical and probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, natural language processing, expert systems, computer vision, and AI robotics. Students will implement intelligent systems in software and/or hardware.

Major Topics:

  • History of AI
  • Survey of AI Languages
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Advanced Search Strategies
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Implementing AI algorithms
  • Analysis of Runtime Behavior of Algorithms
  • Ethics of Robots, Automation

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to

  • Read, write, and discuss research material relating to AI
  • Write and execute advanced search algorithms, such as A*, Breadth-first and Blind Search
  • Use Bayes’ Rule with conditional probabilities to solve problems
  • Perform a PEAS or Utility Theoretic decomposition of a task/problem
  • Implement AI algorithms in software, hardware, or a combination of the two, to solve problems of interest in AI and/or Robotics.


Probabilistic Robotics by Sebastian Thrun, Wolfram Burgard, and Dieter Fox, MIT Press, 2005.

Projected Schedule:

Every Other Spring (Even Calendar Years)

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