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CSCI 201: Introduction to Computer Science I

Course Description:

CSCI 201 Introduction to Computer Science I Four Credit Hours
No previous computer programming experience is needed for this course.
An introduction to problem solving and algorithm development using Java.
Topics include computer organization, operating systems, structured programming, and program modularization. Assignments involve designing, coding, debugging, and documenting computer programs.
Lecture: three hours; laboratory: two hours.

Major Topics:

  • Programming process
  • Primitive types and expression evaluation
  • Strings
  • Objects
  • Console I/O
  • Booleans and flow of control
    • Branching
    • Looping
  • Defining classes and methods
    • Constructors
    • Parameters
  • Arrays
  • Basic software engineering driven design, implementation, documentation and testing practices

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to

  • Create algorithmic solutions to simple problems
  • Apply the object-oriented principle of encapsulation and data hiding in the development of software
  • Identify and explain basic elements of program syntax, semantics and Java language constructs, such as classes, methods, objects, primitive types, arrays, loops and conditionals
  • Use a modern IDE to create, compile, debug, test and execute small Java programs.


Java Concepts (Sixth Edition) by Cay Horstmann, John Wiley & Sons, 2010.

Projected Schedule:

Every Spring

Recent Syllabi:

Spring 2014, Verdicchio
Spring 2012, Joshi