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Citadel News Service
17 Feb 2009

College to conduct emergency lockdown exercise

At 9 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, The Citadel will conduct an emergency lockdown exercise to test the campus emergency warning sirens, the BulldogAlert emergency notification system, and the implementation of the college’s emergency lockdown procedures as outlined in Appendix B of the college’s Emergency Response Plan.

The entire drill will take no more than about 15 minutes, but is vital to enhancing the college's capacity to be prepared for an emergency.

Schedule for the lockdown exercise:

9 a.m.  The campus warning sirens and Emergency Digital/Voice signage will be activated to indicate a campus emergency.

The siren activation will be followed immediately by activation of the digital/voice sign boards which will begin to scroll (and sound) the “Emergency Lockdown” message.

9:01 a.m.  The initial BulldogAlert message will be sent.  A message will alert recipients to a campus emergency which requires that emergency lockdown procedures be implemented immediately. 

All messages sent during this exercise will include the words: "THIS IS A DRILL."

After campus personnel receive the emergency message, they are to implement as is practicable the lockdown procedures outlined below.  Department heads, professors, activity supervisors and other lead personnel shall take action to ensure these steps are implemented as quickly and as orderly as possible:

Lockdown Procedures
1. Anyone in hallways or other public, open areas are to immediately seek shelter in the nearest classroom, office, or lockable space.
2.    Immediately lock or barricade all doors.
3.    Close windows, blinds and any window treatments present.
4.    Turn off lights.
5.    Remain concealed as much as possible by crouching down in areas out of sight from doors and windows. Sit on floor and try to remain out of view, still and quiet.
6.    Once secured, do not open doors for anyone who cannot be clearly identified as a law enforcement officer.
7.    Do not enter hallways or any open areas until a message has been received indicating that the emergency is over.
8.    People in outdoor areas should immediately take cover, if possible in an area or space that can be locked or barricaded.
9.    Activate communication devices and await further emergency communications.

9:15 a.m.  A BulldogAlert Message authorizing all personnel to stand-down from emergency lockdown will be sent.  This message will end the exercise.

Immediately following the lockdown exercise, a campus-wide e-mail will be distributed that will include an evaluation/comment form to report issues or concerns related to the exercise.


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