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Citadel News Service
3 Apr 2012

Cadet commanders selected for 2012-2013 leadership positions

Col. Leo Mercado, commandant of cadets, has announced the 2013 rising leadership of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

Listed below are the designated commanders, regimental staff, sergeants major, and first sergeants for the 2012-2013 academic year. A final Promotion Special Order will be published at the beginning of the fall semester. 

Regimental Staff
Regimental Commander Patrick Nugent
Regimental XO Matthew Holliday
Honor Chairman Tyler Smith
Regimental Academic Officer Micah Moore
Regimental Adjutant Jonathan Fowlkes
Regimental Provost Marshall Michael Whelan
Regimental Operations Officer Geoffrey Dennis
Regimental Supply Officer Kristofer Small
Regimental Public Affairs Officer Angel Johnson
Regimental ITS Officer Micah Wessinger
Honor Vice Chairman-Education Gary Cagle
Vice Chair for Investigations Andrew Phillips
Regimental Religious Officer Chelsea Marsh
Regt Human Affairs Officer Zachary Northcutt
Regimental Athletic Officer Cameron Hooks
Regimental Activities Officer Leon Hilburn
Regimental Recruiting Officer Julie O'Meara
Regimental Sergeant Major Edwin Jordan
Regimental Admin NCO Philip Jordan
Regimental Operations NCO Samuel Seigler
Regimental Supply NCO James Jones
Regimental Provost NCO Jonathan Ammen
Regimental Human Affairs NCO Benjamin Thompson
Regimental Public Affairs NCO Robert Keener
Regimental Recruiting NCO James Strickland
Regimental Athletic NCO William Coln
Regimental Activities NCO David Giammerella

1st Battalion
Battalion Commander Thomas Jordan
Battalion SGM David Leeth
A Company Commander Joseph Lopez
A Company First Sergeant Matthew LaFlamme
B Company Commander Benjamin Hall
B Company First Sergeant Joshua Funderburk
C Company Commander Carter Elms
C Company First Sergeant Matthew Boatner
D Company Commander Michael Sparks
D Company First Sergeant Eric Benfield

2nd Battalion
Battalion Commander Michael Hagan
Battalion SGM Algard, Robert
E Company Commander Michael Czyrnik
E Company First Sergeant Dillon Mayer
F Company Commander Djordon Porter
F Company First Sergeant Evan Gresham
G Company Commander Austin Gray
G Company First Sergeant Townes Moore
H Company Commander Steven Weippert
H Company First Sergeant Benjamin Kottraba 
Regimental Band Company Commander Matthew Myers
Regimental Band Company First Sergeant Nathan Madden

3rd Battalion
Battalion Commander Chad Johnson
Battalion SGM Austin May
I Company Commander Stephen Smith
I Company First Sergeant William Andrews
K Company Commander Harrison Goluses
K Company First Sergeant Khalil  Khoury
L Company Commander Don Simmons
L Company First Sergeant Phillip Martin
M Company Commander Patrick Wilkinson
M Company First Sergeant Demitri Rickman

4th Battalion
Battalion Commander Casey Stabile
Battalion SGM Garrett Cole
N Company Commander Christian Scowcroft
N Company First Sergeant William Waldrop
O Company Commander Brian Hill
O Company First Sergeant Brian Peters
R Company Commander Tobias Hyman
R Company First Sergeant Robert Seidl
T Company Commander Albert Hemphill,
T Company First Sergeant Jack Russell

5th Battalion
Battalion Commander Andrew Pease
Battalion SGM Joseph Cathy
P Company Commander Julia McCullohs
P Company First Sergeant Samuel Perez
PB Company Commander Christopher Aultman
PB Company First Sergeant Collin Hicks
S Company Commander Lance Braye
S Company First Sergeant Ryan Traster
V Company Commander Daniel Pittman,
V Company First Sergeant Daniel Mendez

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