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Service Learning

Our Mission:
To educate and develop Principled Leaders through Community Engagement

Our SUCCEED's really had a chance to bond with some great students at local community schools this summer. 


Summer 2017


Our summer SUCCEED, Authur Brown enjoyed reading to a group of students at Charleston Progressive Academy.


A team of SUCCEED's, Marshal Haas, Jordon Thomas, Chris Oliver and Cole Sposato working with Unified Sport's, Miracle League.


chris oliver

SUCCEED's, Chris Oliver also had a blast at Camp Rise Above this summer.


maggie 2

SUCCEED's, Weston Hayes was a gallent gentleman for the Camp Happy Day's Beauty Pagent.  


Civic Engagement Leadership Fellow


Name: Marshall Haas

Hometown: Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Major: Political Science (International & Military Affairs), MS in Leadership

Year/Company: 2015 (Sierra Company)

Something special about yourself: This year will be my 7th year on Campus starting as a Cadet-student-athlete, to graduate student, and finally to Faculty member.

Program/s you’ve been working with: Leadership 211, Youth Civic Engagement Council, Veteran's Initiatives, Summer SUCCEED, Expanded day

What you have learned about the program/kids: Sometimes the smallest action or inaction can have the greatest impact.

Aha Moment: After serving in an at-risk youth environment I met a group of children that despite their backgrounds and upbringings had something to smile about every day. The lesson here is, despite all circumstances or past experiences it's important to find something to smile about every day. Humility and gratitude are the secret to a joyful and prosperous life. By taking our internal spotlight off ourselves in a world that has become highly competitive and self-seeking- shifting that spotlight to the person next to us changes our perspective and allows us to humbly help and alleviate the burdens of our fellow man.

What have you learned about yourself? Giving your time to other people especially those in need, is never wasted. Sometimes just your presence can be enough to encourage someone.

Advice for the Future: It's not about you, it’s what you're about.  



Name: Kathleen West

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Major: Political Science

Year/Company: 2016, Mike

Something special about yourself: Two things I love is Disney and cooking.

Programs I worked with: Expanded Day with Charleston County Schools (that was the biggest one outside of Krause Center events), Youth Civic Engagement Council

What did I learn about with the kids: Love, compassion, and respect are amazing gifts. Sometimes you have to give these gifts without any expectations of getting them in return. Giving these gifts freely is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life.

"aha" moment: I remember I was having a horrible day at the office, I was really behind on paperwork, and everything just seemed to not be in my favor. I had expanded day that afternoon, and I walked into our Kindergarten Animal Alphabet class. One of my students, Malakai, came over to me and asked me if I brought any candy or treats for them today. I smiled and answered, "It depends on how well you all behave today!" which was always my answer when a student would ask. He started crying and he told me "I'm just so hungry." That was the moment when I realized that what I was going through as a young adult, was nothing compared to the lives of these five year olds. It is important to be thankful for your circumstances and help those who are not as fortunate as yourself.

What I learned about myself: You have to learn how to serve other before you can lead.

Advice for the future: We live in a very self-centered, fast paced world. Always make it a priority to serve, in any capacity. Serving takes the "self" out of "self-centered."




Name: Richie Parra

Hometown: Miami Beach, Florida

Major: Psychology

Year/Company: Tango '17

Something special about yourself: I collect elephant paraphernalia for my grandmother

Program/s you've been working with: Military Magnet tutoring, Camp Rise Above, Camp Happy Days

What you have learned about the program/kids: I've learned that every person has their own background story, and their own experiences and that I need to be able to change and adapt myself to be able to meet the needs of the people I meet.

Aha Moment: When I was a camp counselor for Camp Happy Days, it was the last few days of camp and the entire camp stood outside and gathered in a huge group in the shape of a heart, we all had balloons. Every kid wrote a message to a friend or loved one who had passed away from cancer, and then we all released it all into the air so that the messages could reach them in heaven. Very quickly the boys I looked after all week started hugging me and began tearing up, at such a young age they've already felt the loss of a friend, and they too are battling cancer, and I couldn't relate and that's when it hit me, the impact I make, and that these 10-12 year olds looked up to me that they'd seek me out for comfort.

What have you learned about yourself? I've learned that I work well with children of all ages, but I especially work well with children ages 10-13, a commonly known difficult age group for some people.

Advice for the Future: Something I always say is Unhappiness is inevitable, but unhappiness is only the result of the way you perceive things. It's up to me to decide what my reaction is to a situation.



Name: Ashley Burton

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Major: Psychology

Year/Company: Graduated from the College of Charleston, May 2017

Something special about yourself: I am the first in my family to graduate from college

Program/s you’ve been working with: I've worked with the Lowcountry Children's Museum, Reading partners at Memminger Elementary School, and Move, Groove, Get active program for children with behavioral and learning disabilities

What you have learned about the program/kids: Working with children taught me the value in education and positive role models. Children are very imperishable and if we are able to stimulate their minds through education and positive images of people who look them, we will be able to cultivate productive citizens.  

Aha Moment: My Aha moment came while working as a tutor for Reading Partners. I was assigned a kindergartner who was behind in his reading and writing skills. He could barely spell his name and he had trouble with the sounds of the alphabet. He also hated coming to reading partners so much that he told me that coming there was the worst part of his day. After several weeks of working with him, as I was walking down the hall to come to the class he ran up to me and gave me a big hug while having a huge smile on his face. He was so happy to see me. I had gotten used to seeing a frown on his face that seeing him smile was a huge surprise for me. I realized that I was a major constant in his life. I was someone that he could depend on to be there for him even if it was for only 1 hr. two days a week. That was the moment I knew that I wanted to continue to put a smile on young kids faces and be someone that they could depend on.

What have you learned about yourself? I have learned that I am a resourceful and resilient person.

Advice for the Future: I want everyone to think about the legacy and impact they want to leave behind. What we put out into the world is how we will be remembered.



The Citadel earns Carnegie Foundation's Community Engagement Classification

Led by The Krause Center and the Service Learning team, The Citadel was recently recognized for the breadth and quality of service that The Citadel and our students provides to the Charleston community. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching selected The Citadel for the 2015 Community Engagement Classification.


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