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Intramural Officials

Each team is expected to designate a minimum of one cadet to officiate each preliminary round game in which it plays. The cadet acting as an official earns participation credit, and becomes eligible for the Intramural Referee of the Year award ($200). Semifinal and final games will be officiated by Athletic Officers. Any rule change or adaptation must be agreed upon by official and both teams before the start of play. Official signs score sheet and returns it to the Intramural equipment cart.

No prior officiating experience is required. Training sessions will be offered for new officials on a need basis. Scheduling of officials will be based on willingness of cadets to serve in this capacity: an official may work as much or as litle as desired. Cadets of any race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or cadet class may officiate.

Calling Games for Pay
Successfully officiating games in flag football, 5-on-5 basketball, arena football and softball makes one eligible for compensation. Pay rate ranges from $7.25 to $8.00 per game; pay will be distributed once weekly during designated season.


  • must have a basic knowledge of sport and its rules.
  • must communicate regularly with the Graduate Assistant for Intramurals to arrange game assignments.
  • must communicate with this supervisor if you anticipate missing an assigned game.
  • must arrive at least 10 minutes before schedule start time of game.
  • must not depart until game is over, score sheet is completed and equipment is returned to game cart.
  • must demonstrate respect for players and other officials. must demonstrate fairness by calling games with attention and without bias.
  • must work to develop conflict resolution skills such as controlling your own emotions, being appropriately assertive in your calls, communicating clearly, identifying when you might need help (e.g., from Intramural staff), and being able to forgive and forget.

The Graduate Assistant for Intramurals is direct supervisor for officials. Officials will work with Athletic Officers to oversee a safe and successful intramural program.