The Citadel

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Tennis is a Tier 4 event. The structure of play (e.g., round robin, single elimination) will be determined by the number of players that show up.

The number of players advancing to the Regimental Tournament will be between four (4) and sixteen (16), and depends upon the quality of play in Challenge Tournaments.


Desired roster size is two (2) players per company. No more than six (6) players per company may participate.

Challenge Tournaments

Per the published schedule, players report at 1600 to the Earle Tennis Center. Players are randomly assigned to a tournament bracket and/or round robin, and play until eliminated or win the bracket or pool. Players must play in a minimum of two (2) Challenge Tournaments to be eligible to advance to the Regimental Tournament. Players will be ranked by their win-loss record. Ties are broken by points scored (most) then by points scored against (least).

A complete match is one 8-game pro set. All games played with no advantage, e.g., at 40-40 (deuce) the next point wins. The receiving player chooses the side of court he/she wishes to receive serve after deuce. Matches may be shortened at the discretion of an official (e.g., court availability, number of participants).

The United States Tennis Association governs all other rules.

A representative of Intramural Athletics will bring rackets and tennis balls to the courts on afternoons of scheduled play.

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