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Why Study History?

Whether you plan on majoring in history or not, taking history courses during your undergraduate career is a wise and overall beneficial decision. No matter what your intended career path is, teacher, lawyer, public safety officer, research analyst, or accountant, studying history will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed. Through studying history you will gain solid research skills, critical thinking, critical reading, and the ability to combine all three in a well written essay or report. The ability to think critically, read and analyze research and information, and to write well organized papers, essays, and reports will be skills that any employer will look for in a potential employee. History classes go beyond serving the basic purpose of fulfilling credit hours, they allow you to understand why the world around you is the way it is. Furthermore, studying history is important because what you believe about the past determines what you believe about the present and the future.
Below you will find helpful links to articles which provide information and statistics on the overall career benefits that come from studying history. 


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Why Major in History?
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Why Major in History?
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Firing Range - HIST 395

Cadets with Prof. Sinisi at the Francis Marion Firing Range

Posted by Department of History, The Citadel on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Cadets studying Greek & Roman warfare made shields, swords and spears, then simulated ancient battle techniques in Hampton Park.

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