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Useful Links for History Majors

Below you will find links to articles and websites that will prove to be valuable resources for those who are currently taking history courses and/or are history majors.
Additionally, another great place to check for helpful resources is the Daniel Library databases: 
Some of these databases may seem a little difficult to navigate if you haven’t used them before, but librarians, professors, and even the history department graduate assistant are always available to answer questions and help. 


A Professor's Pointers for Success in College: 21 Easy-to-Follow Tips


How to Read a Document


A Sense of History: Some Components

American Historical Association
Why Major in History?
Careers in History
Useful Links for History Majors

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Firing Range - HIST 395

Cadets with Prof. Sinisi at the Francis Marion Firing Range

Posted by Department of History, The Citadel on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Cadets studying Greek & Roman warfare made shields, swords and spears, then simulated ancient battle techniques in Hampton Park.

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