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Internal Deadline Policy

Before a proposal can be submitted to the sponsor, it must be provided to the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for final review a minimum of fourteen (14) business days prior to the deadline. The following must be complete for the AOR to review:

  1. Internal routing with approvals from: Department Head/Chair; Department Dean; Associate Provost and Dean of The Citadel Graduate College; Vice President of Finance; and Provost and Dean of the College. 

  2. A budget that is approved by the Grants Accountant and Director of Financial Services.

  3. The final version of all proposal elements per the grant guidelines. 

  4. Other forms or documents required (i.e. letters of support, statements of institutional commitments, etc.).

A full review of the proposal can only be completed if the internal deadline is met.

If the Principal Investigator cannot meet the internal deadline, then s/he must request a waiver from the Dean of The Citadel Graduate College before the deadline. The request for the waiver can be in the form of an email. All requests for a waiver must include the following:

  • Name of PI requesting the waiver
  • Name of sponsor
  • Proposal deadline
  • Name of AOR providing assistance on the application
  • The reason the proposal is late
  • The date and time when all the application components will be submitted to the AOR

The Principal Investigator must wait for approval of the waiver in order to proceed with the grant submission. There is no guarantee that the waiver will be approved.

Please Note: Even if the waiver is approved, the AOR cannot guarantee a full review of the proposal or successful submission to the sponsor.