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Grants- Principal Investigator Reporting Requirements


Created: 24 January 1996

Edited: 10 June 2014

Procedure # :600.120

Written By: Financial Services

Edited By: The Office of Grants Administration and Sponsored Programs

1.0 Introduction

A. Federal regulations require that the College have a system to monitor when reports are due to a granting agency. Two types of reports are generally due. These are financial reports and Principal Investigator progress reports.

B. The Post Award Grants Administrator is in the best position to monitor the reporting requirement.

2.0 Procedure

A. The Grants Accountant will review each federal award at the time an account is being established. The reporting dates will be noted and written on a card attached to the left side of the grant folder.

B. The Post Award Grants Administrator will review each folder monthly to determine which accounts require progress reports and which require financial reports.

C. The Post Award Grants Administrator will contact Principal Investigators (generally by e-mail) to inform them that their progress report is due.

D. The federal regulations require the College to follow up to ensure that reports were sent when due. The College will document that the report was sent by the investigator sending the Post Award Grants Administrator the following:

1. A copy of the progress report (preferably through e-mail)

2. A copy of the transmittal letter (or CC on the e-mail)

E. The Post Award Grants Administrator will indicate the date the financial report was sent and the dates the progress reports were sent by noting those dates next to the due dates on the card in the grant folder.

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