The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Citadel Full Scholarship Awards

The Citadel annually awards a number of scholarships that cover the full catalog cost of attendance at the college. These scholarships are available to candidates regardless of their gender, ethnic background, financial need, religious affiliation, major/area of study, or national origin.

Consideration is given to all qualified students who meet the terms of each individual scholarship and who have been academically accepted to The Citadel.

  • These awards are only available to cadets who enter The Citadel directly from high school; transfer students are not eligible.
  • Awards generally cover four years of enrollment unless otherwise noted.
  • Renewal eligibility requires that the student maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average (GPA) by the end of each spring semester unless otherwise noted.

Full Scholarships

  • Citadel Scholars’ Scholarships (in care of The Citadel Foundation)
  • The Joseph D. Aiken Scholarships
  • The William L. Boyd, III Scholarships
  • The Class of 1939 Endowed Citadel Scholars
  • The Class of 1944 Endowed Citadel Scholar
  • The Class of 1955 Citadel Scholar Scholarship
  • The Class of 67 Scholarship
  • The Class of 1980 Endowed Citadel Scholar
  • The Dr. Thurman Councel Sparks Scholarships
  • The Groves Citadel Scholarship
  • The Robert Jones/Class of 39 Endowed Citadel Scholars
  • The Edwin P. Latimer Endowed Citadel Scholar
  • The John P. and Betty S. Luce Citadel Scholar Scholarship
  • The Leon Masters Endowed Citadel Scholars
  • The Mr. and Mrs. George F. McCormick Class of 1935 Citadel Scholarships
  • The O. Ray Moore Scholarships
  • The Frank W. Munnerlyn/Citadel Medal of Honor Memorial Scholarship
  • The Norfolk Southern Citadel Scholar Scholarship
  • The John Douglas Prevatt Scholarship
  • The Sara Prevatt Horne Scholarship
  • The Dr. and Mrs. R.C. Smith Citadel Scholar Scholarship
  • The Star of the West Scholarships
  • The David W. Thompson Endowed Citadel Scholars
  • The Horace L. Tilghman Endowed Citadel Scholars
  • The Anderson D. Warlick Citadel Scholar Scholarship
  • The C. Tucker Weston Citadel Scholar Scholarship
  • The W. Steve Weston Jr., Class of 1938 Scholarship
  • The Leigh Winslow Jr. Endowed Citadel Scholar

For a detailed description of any individual scholarship, please see The Citadel Scholarship Program Catalog and search by the actual name of the scholarship.

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