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Scholarship Award Timetable

Scholarship Application & Award Timetable

Important Information

Incoming Knobs: Citadel scholarship awards are made based on your application for entrance to The Citadel, high school transcripts, ACT and SAT test scores, and your FAFSA. Your first FAFSA is filed after October 1st in the senior year of high school, and freshman award notices begin in December and continue through the spring. You can easily auto-fill your income and tax information on your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. Prior to your freshman year of college, there are no additional steps or applications to complete for scholarship consideration.

Upperclass Cadets: to maximize your scholarship eligibility, file a FAFSA early, and complete the electronic Citadel Upperclass Scholarship Application in mid-March each year. 

  • Scholarship renewal: Cadets must maintain individual scholarship eligibility requirements, have an annual FAFSA on file and complete the Upperclass Scholarship Application Mid-March each year.
  • Go to to file your annual FAFSA. Easily auto-fill your income and tax data using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.
  • Citadel Upperclass Scholarship Application: Each March, file our electronic Citadel scholarship application (attending knob, sophomore, and junior cadets). This application will be posted on the Financial Aid and cadet scholarship webpages.




  • Continue to evaluate freshman applicants for scholarship awards 
  • 28: FAFSA priority deadline for scholarship awards


  • Continue to package freshman applicants' scholarship awards (done by April 01)
  • Mid-March: Cadet Upperclass Scholarship Application available online 


  • 15: Priority deadline for Cadet Upperclass Scholarship Application 


  • 01: National college decision date
  • 05: Cadet Upperclass Scholarship Application closes at 5:00 pm
  • Renew upperclass scholarships after spring grades post
  • Package upperclass scholarship awards/financial aid accounts 


  • Complete scholarship awarding process 


  • Email announcements/call for individual scholarship applications
  • Email announcements/call for outside-partner scholarship applications


General Financial Aid Application & Award Timetable

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