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Latroy Pierre Glover

Corps Grad ’03


A native of Rembert, South Carolina, Glover graduated from the Corps in 2003 with a degree in business administration. He currently lives in Maryland and works in the field of cyber security and information technology management.

What are your top three career achievements to date?
My top three career achievements to date include leading cyber strategy initiatives that were presented to the president, leading projects identified in the president’s State of the Union address, and leading a $1.8 billion program that helped reshape the Department of Defense Cyber Security Posture.

What is your top personal achievement to date?
My top three personal achievements include contributing over 150 hours of community service, remaining hungry for knowledge and professional development, and ensuring that my mother received adequate health care during a time of serious illness.

What are your top three bucket list goals?
My top three bucket list goals are to travel to the six wonders of the world, have kids, and to run for public office.

How did attending The Citadel help position you for success?
The Citadel gave me a sense of community. There are very few places that come close to the comradery that is gained by attending The Citadel. Along with this comradery comes the nuances of Southern culture and familiarity. I would say that The Citadel prepared me to be in hostile situations and stressful moments. My time here also prepared me for an environment in which my personality could outshine my antecedents. I will always treasure my moments on campus, but I regret that I did not do more in the community.

My only regrets are that The Citadel did not give me an opportunity to challenge my assumptions from a personal standpoint. In terms of leadership, I definitely gained the right tools. In terms of personal courage to challenge what I believed to be right or wrong, there was not enough space in the learning laboratory for me to develop these muscles. I have always encouraged people to attend The Citadel and I think that under Dr. Book’s guidance the experience can only get better.

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