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Kenneth Feaster

Corps Grad ’75


Originally from Carlisle, South Carolina, Feaster graduated from the Corps in 1975 with a degree in history. He currently works in the fields of logistics, international affairs, and acquisitions and resides in Utah.

What are your top three career achievements to date?
First, I was selected for an early promotion to Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. I was the first African American graduate from The Citadel to be selected for the promotion to Colonel. Second, the 633rd Supply Squadron, Andersen Air Base, Guam unit was selected “Best Supply Squadron in the Air Force” while I was the commander. I also later earned the Gen. Thomas P. Gerrity Memorial Award, which is the Air Force’s highest individual award for logistics achievement. I also was selected as a National Defense Fellow and I served as a senior fellow to The Atlantic Council of the United State, which is a foreign policy “think tank” in Washington, D.C.

What are your top three personal achievements to date?
My top three personal achievements to date are raising my four children to become good and productive citizens, making my immediate and extended family proud and being able to provide them with support, along with graduating from The Citadel.

What are your top three bucket list goals?
My top three bucket list goals include attending a Washington Redskin’s Super Bowl game, seeing my granddaughters finish college and become adults, and scoring an even par round of golf.

How did attending The Citadel help position you for success?
The Citadel provided me with the opportunity to earn a free education while doing something I truly loved, which was playing baseball. It provided me with the discipline to effectively deal with both professional and personal challenges. During my early years there, The Citadel was still sorting through the initial challenges of integration. Looking back, many of those unexpected “real world” on-campus challenges were great learning experiences for my future leadership positions. Those experiences taught me the exact things I would never tolerate as a leader. It provided me with the opportunity to have a successful thirty-year career in the Air Force. More importantly, it taught me the importance of helping others along the way. In addition, my time at The Citadel allowed me the opportunity to make some great lifetime friends and join a supportive network of alumni.

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