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Charles Wallace II

Corps Grad ’90


Originally from Gray Court, South Carolina, Wallace graduated from the Corps in 1990 with a degree in business administration. He currently lives in New Jersey with his family and works in executive management.

What are your top three career achievements to date?
My top three career achievements to date are becoming chief operating officer of a large nonprofit, Puerto Rican Action Board (PRAB), owning a hotel, The Inn on the Square in Greenwood, South Carolina, and owning a company.

What is your top personal achievement to date?
My family is my top personal achievement to date.

What are your top three bucket list goals?
My top three bucket list goals are to travel to the Mediterranean, Africa, and South America.

How did attending The Citadel help position you for success?
Attending The Citadel prepared me greatly for the opportunities I have been presented. The definition of success changes as one matures and gains life experience. Attending The Citadel in the late 1980’s presented me with several transformative moments. Those moments taught me that not everyone who is supposed to be there for you will always be there. My classmates and I learned how to persevere and count on each other, and when a classmate was not available, we learned to depend on ourselves and our faith. This lesson prepared me for the cut-throat environment of corporate America.

One of the greatest lessons I learned at The Citadel was how to be an advocate for myself and others. The Citadel taught me how to maneuver and confront established relationships and systems. Engraved in my class ring is this quote: The secret to my success is Christ. He never told me it would be easy or that everyone would be on my side, but He did promise never to leave me nor forsake me even though I walked through the shadows of death.

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