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Anthony Terrell

Corps Grad ’89


Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Anthony Terrell graduated from the Corps in 1989 with a degree in business administration. He is currently the principal of Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, Virginia.

What are your top three career achievements to date?
In 2015, I completed a Ph.D. in education leadership. In 2016, I became the principal of Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, Virginia, and I became an adjunct professor in the Department of Education Leadership at George Mason University.

What are your top three personal achievements to date?
First, my service in the Navy from 1988-2005 is one of my top three personal achievements. My two daughters, Gabriella and Clarke, born in 2005 and 2007, are also two of my top personal achievements.

What are your top three bucket list goals?
My top three bucket list goals are to buy a boat by 2018, to run my fifth marathon, and to revisit Thailand.

How did attending The Citadel help position you for success?
The Citadel helped me discover how to meet adversity with perseverance and excellence. I have approached every obstacle I have faced since leaving The Citadel with resolve and supreme confidence in my ability to overcome. The Citadel has given me this ability to overcome adversity. The Citadel also reinforced my belief in self-reliance and the value of good order and discipline. I have encouraged my students to incorporate these ideals into their personal recipes for success. There is simply nothing more gratifying than to see them apply themselves and achieve greatness. In that regard, what I forged at The Citadel many years ago continues on through my impact on my generation.

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