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To: Members of The Citadel Curriculum and Instruction Committee
From: CAPT Holly Bevsek, Department of Chemistry
RE: Minutes of April 17, 2012 C&I committee meeting

Members Present: Fekula, Zanin, Bevsek, Graham, McKinney, Leonard, Kashyap, Skow, Kapeluck
(substitute for Buchanan), Hanchon, Bott voting by proxy. Guests: Barrett, Knapp, Sinisi.

The meeting began at 1105. Bevsek mentioned that DeFebbo had arranged for the new course
proposal to appear as a link on the committee’s webpage:

Once a proposal is submitted via this form, the information gets sent to the current committee chair, who
would forward the information to the committee via the listserve. Minor adjustments such as making each
item appear in bold while the entered information appear in normal text still need to be made.
The committee then discussed the eight new course proposals offered by the History Department.

The department’s head of the curriculum committee, Michael Barrett, gave an overview of the group of
proposals. Each course had been tested as “Special Topics” courses previously and found to draw enough
student interest to exist as permanent additions to the course catalog. It was noted that HIST 318:
Charleston and the War for Southern Independence would take the place of the former HIST 318: The
American West. This course has not been taught by tenure-track faculty since 1997 and there are no
current tenure-track faculty who specialize in this area. The current HIST 385: World War II will be split
into two courses: HIST 385: World War II in Europe and Africa and HIST 386: World War II in the
Pacific to allow each topic appropriate coverage time. It was noted that all course numbers are pending approval by the Registrar.

Professor Barrett then began a discussion of the title of HIST 318: Charleston and the War for
Southern Independence. Please refer to the attached document. Note that I had previously sent him my
synopsis of his commentary and he has included this in his statement (hence the third person references)
and finished his statement in this voice.

Department Head Professor Knapp then formed an argument against keeping the name “Charleston
and the War for Southern Independence”. Please refer to the pdf that is attached with these minutes.
Professor Sinisi then rebutted and argued in favor of the name. Please refer to the attached

Several of the committee members then asked questions of Professor Sinisi, including whether or
not he thought the title might be offensive to African-Americans. Professor Sinisi stated that in fact
African-Americans had enrolled in his course indicating that this was unlikely.

The guests then left and the Curriculum and Instruction Committee members took an anonymous
vote. The history proposals, except HIST 318, were unanimously accepted as written. HIST 318 was
voted down (based on the title, not the content) by a 5-4 majority with two abstentions. The meeting ended
at 1210.

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