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Frequently Asked Questions about CSI


The total cost for 2016 was $1900.00, and was be based on 4 credit hours, room & board and the cost of parking.

2017 Cost and Dates will be available in Early February

Student's who will be required to report early for athletic cadre will need to check with their coaches to make sure the dates do not conflict.

What is CSI?

CSI is a 3.5-week summer residential transition program for incoming Citadel freshmen that helps students to prepare for the rigors of knob year in a supportive environment. It addresses the academic, cadet life, physical fitness, and social challenges that Citadel students face in their first year on campus.

Who is eligible to attend the CSI program?

Any incoming Citadel student who has been academically accepted and medically cleared may attend CSI.
How can I secure my spot for CSI?

Your application will reserve your spot in CSI; however, to be accepted to CSI, students must first receive medical clearance to attend The Citadel. Please refer to your Citadel acceptance packet to learn more about how to get medical clearance, visit or contact the Citadel Admissions Office at (800) 868-1842. If you have specific questions or concerns about the medical clearance process or your status, please call Brenda Pelham at The Citadel Infirmary at 843-953-4827 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .

I have sent in all my application materials to the CSI Office and completed & submitted all required medical forms to the infirmary for medical clearance. Why have I not received acceptance information for CSI?
The infirmary may need additional information to grant your medical clearance. Without medical clearance, which is checked weekly, you cannot be accepted into the CSI program. For questions regarding the status of your medical clearance, please contact the Citadel Infirmary directly.
How long does it take to process application and registration materials?
Allow for two weeks to process both *application and registration materials.*If you have not been medically cleared, this process may be longer.
CSI will email acceptance and registration information to students who have applied, paid the $100 deposit AND been medically cleared begining in March.
How can I make payments for CSI?
Once your portal credentials are available, you will receive them via e-mail and will then be able to login to Lesesne Gateway, view your bill and pay the CSI fee. Please allow 3-5 business days after you resubmit your registration for your bill to be generated. 
Please Note: The Citadel will accept 529 plan payments for the CSI fee.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payments from pre-paid tuition plans.  Pre-paid plans require a per credit hour rate to be utilized.  In an effort to offer the CSI program at the lowest possible cost, the program was packaged and a comprehensive CSI fee was determined.  A credit hour rate cannot be extracted from the CSI fee.  It is advantageous to utilize a pre-paid tuition plan when students are enrolled in a full-time status.
Are there any scholarships for CSI?
There are a limited number of need based scholarships. To be considered students must have completed their FAFSA by April 1st.
What is the daily schedule like during CSI?
Students follow a highly regimented schedule during the week. Their day begins with breakfast at 7 a.m. each weekday and ends with bed checks at 10 p.m. Time for studying and some free time are built into the schedule each day. Students are allowed to leave on the weekend, but must remain on campus during the week.
Do students have to leave on the weekend?
No, students are welcome to stay in the barracks over the weekend, and the mess hall will be open for meals. There will be check-in/out procedures and curfew enforced for those students who choose to stay in the barracks over the weekend.
Do the students wear uniforms?

No. Students wear civilian clothes during CSI. The dress code is included in the information packet sent to all students who have returned the registration materials.

What classes are offered during CSI?
Each CSI student takes one academic core class, the Orientation 101 class, and a required physical education class. The course offerings CSI are available on the Academics section of this website.

Is CSI just like knob year?
CSI does not recreate the experience of knob year. Instead, the program serves as a stepping stone between the student's life in high school and The Citadel's unique environment. CSI gives students experiences between where they're coming from and where they're headed. For example...

• CSI students do not wear uniforms like the corps, but they are required to follow a specific dress code.
• CSI students are allowed to bring a vehicle to campus, but they are only allowed access to the vehicle on the weekends.
• CSI students do not earn merits/demerits and are not punished with tours or confinements like the corps, but they do follow an accountability system in which they earn or lose privileges based on their behavior and performance.

How do I apply for CSI?
All academically accepted Citadel students will receive application materials via email. First, you will need to submit the online application form & pay the $100 CSI Application fee to reserve a space in the CSI program. After we receive your application, and confirm your medical clearance we will send acceptance information out via email.
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