The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Faculty & Staff

Leadership for The School of Business

William N. Trumbull, PhD
Dean of School of Business and
Robert A. Jolley Chair

Wesley M. Jones, Jr., PhD
Associate Dean for Programs and Outreach - Finance

Janette Moody, PhD
Associate Dean and Professor -
Management Information Systems and Accounting
Full Time Faculty

Liz W. Arnold, PhD (CPA-NJ) William H. Money, PhD
Michael M. Barth, PhD Robert F. Morris, Jr., PhD
Sam G. Berry, DBA Sergey Ponomarov, PhD
Carl E. Betterton,Ph.D., P.E. Robert J. Riggle, PhD
Cynthia E. Bolt, CPA Tracy Rishel, PhD
Benjamin Dean, PhD William C. Sharbrough III, PhD
Richard M. Ebeling, PhD Stephen J. Silver, PhD
Sheila Foster, PhD J. Goosby Smith, PhD
Ronald F. Green, PhD Russell S. Sobel, PhD
David V. Harper, MBA Donald L. Sparks, PhD
Iordanis Karagiannidis, PhD A. Bruce Strauch, JD
Alvin W. Katz, MBA John E. Timmerman, DBA
Timothy Keogh, PhD D. Sykes Wilford, PhD
Alton A.S. Lovvorn, PhD W. William Woosley, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Mike Alford
Chris Lanning
DeAnna R. Moss, CPA
Christa Dunn,MAcc
Keith H. Griffin, PhD
Brent Stewart



Harry S. Carter, PhD
Thomas I. Kindel, PhD
Dorothy P. Moore, PhD
COL Susan A. Simmons, PhD
Christopher B. Spivey, PhD
Ronald M. Zigli, PhD


Morgan LaForge, M.Ed.
Academic Advisor and Recruiter
MEd, University of South Carolina
Kimberly T. Black
Assistant to the Dean & Event Manager



Duvall Herlocker
Undergraduate Curriculum Advisor and
Career Visioning Coordinator
MEd, University of South Carolina
Sarah Anderson
Administrative Assistant

Graduate Assistants



Kyle A. Greenway
Communications & Marketing



Tanner Knox
Administrative & Research Support


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