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Mission Statement

Coach students to become ethical leaders of principle to serve others and to pursue lofty personal goals in business, the military, the professions, non-profit organizations, and public service.

What is the Mentor Association?

Recognizing that education extends far beyond the walls of the classroom and that enrichment opportunities are valuable to students of business, The Citadel School of Business Administration has instituted a mentoring program designed to bring together Citadel cadets, evening undergraduate business students, MBA students and local business leaders. The Citadel Mentor Association is a group of retired and active top executives from corporate America who are located in the Charleston region. They are committed to sharing their experiences with the next generation of business leaders, The Citadel's Corps of Cadets, evening undergraduate business students and MBA students.

The goal of the program is to provide an enriching experience for the students by providing access to individuals who have demonstrated that they have what it takes to be successful. The benefit of being able to share in an exchange of ideas with executives is of immeasurable long-term value to the students involved. This initiative also provides an opportunity for successful executives to give back to their community. These mentors are encouraging students to develop career ideas and to enhance their prospects for successful careers.

For a Historical Overview of the program, read this article which is constructed from documents prepared by the School and the memories of the authors who were direct participants in the development of The Citadel Mentors Association. Mentor Association Article

Who participates as a mentor?

The list of mentors who have signed on to the program reads like a veritable who's who of corporate leadership. Their current and former positions range from executive vice-presidents to chief financial officers and chief operating officers to presidents; from vice-chairs, and chairs of boards of directors and chief executive officers for a wide range of major, global corporations. Some of the corporations represented by these individuals includes IBM, Xerox, Corning, Armstrong World Industries, Sears, American Cyanamid, Copperweld, W.H. Brady Company, William Bird Company, AT&T, American Airlines, E.I. Dupont de Neumors, Traveler's Corporation, Palmer & Cay, Eastman Kodak, and Piggly Wiggly Carolina. These individuals represent a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge that can be shared with students at The Citadel.

Who participates as a mentee?

The students who have chosen to participate in the program are dedicated and committed to the idea that a mentor-student relationship is a win/win prospect. Students, both undergrads and MBA candidates, have a desire to participate based on either a personal recommendation or by researching and applying to the program providing contact information, a written statement describing their interest in becoming a mentee and submission of a resume. Mentees are then matched with mentor executives based on common interests and/or an intended career paths. The relationship between the student and the mentor is then allowed to develop naturally.

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